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Mississippi State University Libraries
Fernwood collection
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1906-1959
Date [inclusive]
11.5 Cubic feet : 3 record cartons; 4 microfilm reels; 1 SMO folder; 2 OS folders; 2 OD folders; 3 VMP folders; 1 SMOP folder; Rolled storage

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Fernwood collection, Special Collections Department, Mississippi State University Libraries.

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Administrative History

On February 7, 1884, three brothers established a partnership to run a lumber business. Isaac Columbus Enochs (1852-1919), James Luther Enochs (1854-1933) and Philip Henry Enochs were born on a farm near Crystal Springs in Copiah County, on which a small sawmill was built by their father, John Fletcher Enochs. Isaac Enochs built a tramway from the mill to the nearby Illinois Central Railroad. He moved to Pike County, Mississippi, in 1880 and operated a saw mill between Magnolia and McComb as well as buying tracts of pine timberland. Isaac and his brothers founded the Enochs Brothers firm to buy land and timber, build saw and planing mills, and a narrow gauge railroad, in the long leaf yellow pine forests of south Mississippi. They also acquired land in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. In 1905 the brothers became involved with the Great Southern Lumber Company of Bogalusa, Louisiana, which had extensive interests in both Louisiana and Mississippi, and constructed the New Orleans and Great Northern Railroad.

Philip Enochs became president of the Fernwood Lumber Company in 1884, which ran the large mill in the company town of Fernwood, Mississippi. Isaac Enochs, as president of the partnership, moved to Jackson, Mississippi in 1888, where the brothers established a lumber yard and a plant manufacturing windows and doors, and owned the Edwards Hotel in the city. To service their logging operation in southern Mississippi, the brothers built a railroad, which extended from Fernwood to Tylertown by 1906. In that year it was chartered as a common carrier under the name of the Fernwood and Gulf Railroad Company, with Isaac Enochs as president and Philip as vice-president and secretary. The line was intended to reach Gulfport eventually, and in 1910 an extension was made to Kokomo, Mississippi, where the lumber company had a large naval stores plant and a logging operation. On land where the trees had been removed near Fernwood, the Enochs brothers began farming and raised pure-bred cattle and hogs to promote settlement of their cutover lands. Enochs Farms was established in 1914, with younger brother Fletcher B. Enochs as general manager, but it was sold in 1920. Other tracts were subdivided and sold for farming, and lots were sold for housing along the railroad in Tylertown, Kokomo and Knoxo, Mississippi.

The Enochs Brothers partnership dissolved on July 1, 1913 after pressure from the Interstate Commerce Commission to legally separate the lumber operation from the railroad. Philip Enochs continued as president of the Fernwood Lumber Company until it went out of business in the late 1920s after the last trees were cut. Isaac Enochs remained president of the railroad company until 1914 when he was succeeded by Fletcher Enochs, who served until 1923. By 1920 another extension of the line was made to Foxworth and trackage rights were acquired from the New Orleans and Great Northern Railroad to Columbia, which became the terminus of the railroad; a total length of 44 miles. On April 12, 1920 the company’s name was changed to the Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad (FC&GRR). Arthur F. Wortman, James Enoch’s son-in-law was president of the railroad company until 1931 and moved its offices to Tylertown. Philip H. Enochs, Jr., succeeded him, with his brother-in-law, Lamar Ramsay, as vice-president, and, on Philip’s death in 1954, his son Iddo Lampton Enochs became the last president of the railroad companies.

The F&GRR did well both in freight and passenger numbers in the 1920s but the depression hit the company hard in the 1930s. The passenger trains were replaced by small gas-powered cars, known popularly as “Red or Black Birds” or “Doodle Bugs”, which ran on the rails. The first rail car, the M-1, was acquired in 1930, followed by two others, the M-3 and M-4, which ran until 1953 when the loss of the mail contract and the proliferation of private cars made them uneconomic. The F&GRR continued to serve local industry as a freight-only line thereafter. In 1953 the Bonhomie and Hattiesburg Southern Railroad (B&HSRR), which operated a 27 mile-long line between Hattiesburg and Beaumont, Mississippi, was added to the group. However, the proposed merger in the late 1960s of the two trunk lines that the short-lines connected with, the Illinois Central and Gulf, Mobile and Ohio railroads, made it impossible for them to continue independently. In 1972 the merger of the FC&GRR-B&HSRR with the Illinois Central Gulf was completed and the Enochs family bowed out of the short-line railroad business. The Enochs established wood products plants at Fernwood in the 1930s, which evolved into Fernwood Industries specializing in the pressure treatment of timber products.


Fernwood collection.

Cranford, Sammy O. The Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf: A Railroad in the Piney Woods of South Mississippi, 1989.

Fickle, James E. Mississippi Forests and Forestry, 2001, p. 76.

Price, David S. ‘The Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Rail Road’, www.taplines.net/August/augindex.htm, 1998.

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Scope and Contents

The Fernwood collection contains materials concerning the business affairs of the Enochs family, principally relating to the Fernwood Lumber Company, Enochs Farms and the Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad. The materials include two letterpress copybooks and a group of correspondence related to job vacancies for the Fernwood Lumber Company. The financial records of the companies include tax assessments, mostly on microfilm, along with records of goods ordered by the railroad company during the Second World War. The railroad company records contain minute books and reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission—on microfilm—as well as accident reports. There are a small number of documents related to the efforts to federally regulate short-line railroads in the late 1920s and early 1930s. A feature of the collection is the large number of maps, surveys, charts and plans, which were used by the lumber company and the railroad company. A calendar of the documents is included in the finding aid. In addition there are a small number of photographs, broadsides, posters and miscellany.

The collection is divided into six series. The first, Fernwood Lumber Company, contains two letterpress copybooks with correspondence written predominantly by the chief engineer, W. D. Hurt, between 1906 and 1916. Some of the letter copies outline the assets of the company. A large group of correspondence covers the recruitment of personnel for various positions within the company between 1915 and 1926. There are also financial records, such as tax assessments on microfilm, a contract, and a list of the assets of the Fernwood Hotel.

The second series, Fernwood and Gulf / Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad Company, includes correspondence from 1931-1934, and microfilm copies of almost all the reports submitted to the Interstate Commerce Commission between 1908 and 1970. The microfilm also features a minute book with records of directors and shareholders meetings held between 1906 and 1973. The series contains records of orders placed by the company during World War II, and reports and correspondence related to accidents on the railroad between 1916 and 1958. A small number of photographs of railroad crossings and a damaged train are included in the Accidents sub-series. Between 1926 and 1931, Congress looked at extending federal regulation over the short-line railroads to restrict profits and to allow competition from road-based carriers. The American Short Line Railroad Association opposed these efforts and there is a small group of documents related to this subject. Among the other items in this series are a number of personnel appointment notices from railroads in different parts of the country, and some examples of tickets and ice coupon booklets used by the FC&GRR.

Contained in the third series, Enochs Farms, are microfilmed copies of tax assessments for the period 1915 to 1922.

Series four, Publications, includes two books: one dealing with how to draw plans, and the other dealing with the construction of wooden boxes and crates. There is an anti-union pamphlet from Texas in 1920, and a copy of the Federal Employers’ Liability Act of 1939.

The fifth series is a grouping of miscellaneous materials. This Miscellany includes information on the history of the Enochs family companies and the specifications of a house being built in 1936 by FC&GRR vice-president Lamar Ramsay. A balance sheet headed Miss Ida I. Sykes and dated 1874, and a newspaper page of 1922 advertising the sale of land to pay taxes in Pike County are also included. The series features broadsides on wage law issued by the Southern-Mid-Western Industry Committee in 1937, and a color poster from the Chicago World’s Fair of 1934. Two photographs of a timber factory and unidentified men complete the series.

Series six, Maps, charts, surveys, plans, is a large group of documents used in the operations of the Fernwood Lumber Company and the railroad. There are surveys of land owned by the companies in south Mississippi, plats of subdivided land in company-created towns like Barto and Knoxo, as well as maps of where railroad lines would be built. The series included plans for various structures including a railroad station, the Consolidated High School and the Lamar Ramsay house. Some railroad bed construction charts are among this group, as well as copies of relevant parts of the 1809-1810 survey of the Mississippi Territory. A calendar of documents is included in the finding aid.

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Series 1. Fernwood Lumber Company - Boxes 1-2; Microfilm Reel 4

Series 2. Fernwood and Gulf / Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad Company - Boxes 2-3; Microfilm Reels 1-4; Small Oversize Manuscripts Box 40; Visual Materials: Photographs Box 4

Series 3. Enochs Farms - Microfilm Reel 4

Series 4. Publications - Box 1, 3

Series 5. Miscellany - Box 3; Microfilm Reel 4; Oversize Manuscripts Box 2; Oversize Manuscripts Drawer I; Visual Materials: Photographs Box 4; Small Oversize Photographs Box 1

Series 6. Maps, charts, surveys, plans - Rolled Storage; Small Oversize Manuscripts Box 40; Oversize Manuscripts Box 2; Oversize Manuscripts Drawer I

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Mississippi State University Libraries 

P.O. Box 5408
Mississippi State, MS, 39762

Publication date: March 3, 2010

Access Restrictions

Open to all researchers.

Use Restrictions

Any requests for permission to publish, quote, or reproduce materials from this collection must be submitted in writing to the Manuscripts Librarian for Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of Mississippi State University as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.


Iddo L. Enochs, Fernwood Industries, Fernwood, Mississippi, 1977.

Processing Information

Clippings were copied and disposed of. 0.57 cubic feet of duplicate survey maps were disposed of.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials

Fernwood Industries Lumber Company Collection, Department of Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi.

Dr. Sammy Cranford Papers, Charles W. Capps, Jr. Archives and Museum, Delta State University.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Enochs Farms.
  • Fernwood Lumber Company.
  • Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad Company.

Family Name(s)

  • Enochs family.


  • Architectural drawing--Mississippi.
  • Real property surveys--Mississippi.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Barto (Miss.)
  • Columbia (Miss.)
  • Fernwood (Miss.)
  • Knoxo (Miss.)
  • Marion County (Miss.)
  • Pike County (Miss.)
  • Tylertown (Miss.)
  • Walthall County (Miss.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Hurt, H. D.
  • Ramsay , Lamar.


  • Lumber industry--Mississippi.
  • Railroad accidents--Mississippi.
  • Railroad law--United States.
  • Railroads--Mississippi--Maps.
  • Railroads--Mississippi.
  • Taxation--Mississippi.

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Collection Inventory

Series 1. Fernwood Lumber Company. 

 Box 1. Unfoldered. Correspondence: Letterpress copybook (unbound): W.D. Hurt et al., Engineer/Chief Engineer, General correspondence, 1906-1909. 

 Box 1. Unfoldered. Correspondence: Letterpress copybook (bound): W.D. Hurt, Chief Engineer, General correspondence, 1915-1916. 

 Box 2. Folder 1. Correspondence: General, 1921-1924. 

Financial records: 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Tax assessments, 1915/1916-1921/1922. 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Taxes, 1916-1922. 

 Microfim Reel 4. Delinquent tax receipts, 1922-1923. 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Personal assessment, 1922-1923. 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Land rent notes, 1920-1922. 

 Box 2. Folder 2. Contracts with Illinois Central Railroad, 1912-1914. 

 Box 2. Folder 3. W. L. Logan claim, 1913-1914. 

 Box 2. Folder 4. Timber rights, 1921. 

 Box 2. Folder 5. Fernwood Hotel: Furnishings and expenses, 1921-1924 and undated. 

 Box 2. Folder 6. Accident report: Collision between company truck and car, 1919. 

Employment applications/correspondence: 

 Box 2. Folder 7. Bookkeeper/cashier, 1916-1917. 

 Box 2. Folder 8. Surveyor/draftsman/timber estimator, 1917. 

 Box 2. Folder 9. Timekeeper, 1917-1926. 

 Box 2. Folder 10. Doctor, 1917-1918. 

 Box 2. Folder 11. Doctor, 1918-1922. 

 Box 2. Folder 12. Stenographer, 1919. 

 Box 2. Folder 13. Stenographer, 1920 January-March. 

 Box 2. Folder 14. Stenographer, 1920 April. 

 Box 2. Folder 15. Stenographer, 1920 May-June. 

 Box 2. Folder 17. Stenographer, 1920 August-November. 

 Box 2. Folder 18. Stenographer, 1924 July. 

 Box 2. Folder 19. Stenographer, 1924 October-November. 

 Box 2. Folder 20. Bookkeeper, 1919-1920. 

 Box 2. Folder 21. Bookkeeper, 1921. 

 Box 2. Folder 22. Store manager, 1919-1921. 

 Box 2. Folder 23. Boarding house manager, 1915-1923. 

 Box 2. Folder 24. Boarding house manager: 1, 1924. 

 Box 2. Folder 25. Boarding house manager: 2, 1924. 

 Box 2. Folder 26. Boarding house manager: applications and rejection letters, 1924. 

 Box 2. Folder 27. Barber, 1924. 

 Box 2. Folder 28. Druggist, 1922. 

 Box 2. Folder 29. Saw mill superintendent, 1923. 

 Box 2. Folder 29. Office assistant, 1924. 

 Box 2. Folder 31. Lumber accountant, 1925. 

 Box 2. Folder 32. Various positions, 1919-1921. 

 Box 2. Folder 33. Various positions, 1922-1926. 

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Series 2. Fernwood and Gulf/Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad Company. 

 Box 2. Folder 34. Correspondence, 1931-1932. 

 Box 2. Folder 35. Correspondence, 1934 February-July. 

 Box 2. Folder 36. Correspondence, 1934 August-September. 

Financial records: 

 Box 2. Folder 37. Journal entries, 1919 July. 

 Box 2. Folder 38. Loose items, 1919 and undated. 

 Microfilm Reels 1-4. Annual reports to Interstate Commerce Commission, 1908-1913, 1915-1968, 1970 (1940 and 1955 incomplete). 

 Microfolm Reel 4. Deed of trust, 1921. 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Minutes book: Board of directors/stockholders meetings, 1906-1973. 

 Box 3. Folder 1. Shipping contract, 1916. 

 Box 3. Folder 2. Freight rates, 1931. 

 Box 3. Folder 3. Orders for goods, 1941. 

 Box 3. Folder 4. Orders for goods, 1942 January-April. 

 Box 3. Folder 5. Orders for goods, 1942 May-September. 

 Box 3. Folder 6. Orders for goods, 1942 October-December. 

 Box 3. Folder 7. Orders for goods and WPB regulations, 1943. 


 Box 3. Folder 8. Death of Douglas Bell, Davo Crossing, Walthall County, Miss., 1941. 

 Box 3. Folder 9. Burns to Catherine Walker, Knoxo, Miss., 1943. 

 Box 3. Folder 10. Death of Ward Taylor, West Columbia, Miss., 1948. 

 Box 3. Folder 11. Car-train accident, Kokomo, Miss., 1952. 

 Box 3. Folder 12. Train collision, Hamage, Miss.; Alma Coker suit, 1953. 

 Box 3. Folder 13. Lep Butler truck damage, Mesa, Miss., 1953. 

 Box 3. Folder 14. Truck-train accident, Kokomo, Miss., 1953. 

 Box 3. Folder 15. 1954. 

 Box 3. Folder 16. 1956. 

 Box 3. Folder 17. Truck-train accident, Fernwood, Miss.: Billy Clark claim, 1956. 

 Box 3. Folder 18. Car-train accident, Tylertown, Miss.: Jesse Rushing claim, 1956-1957. 

 SMO 40. Account book pages listing injuries to persons and livestock, 1916-1932. 

 Box 3. Folder 19. Reports, 1944-1947. 

 Box 3. Folder 20. Reports, 1948-1958. 

 Box 3. Folder 21. Reports and damage claims, 1945-1950. 

 Box 3. Folder 22. Reports and damage claims, 1951-1959. 

 VMP 4. Photographs: Railroad crossings, undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 23. Photocopies. 

 VMP 4. Photographs: Damaged train, undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 24. Photocopies. 

 Box 3. Folder 25. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1945-1957 and undated. 

Amendments to federal legislation: 

 Box 3. Folder 26. Railroad consolidation, Routing, and Recapture of Excess Earnings bills, 1926-1929. 

 Box 3. Folder 27. Parker Bus Bill (H.R. 7954, 10288), 1930. 

 Box 3. Folder 28. Interstate Commerce Commission Act: Routing (H.R. 11364), 1930. 

 Box 3. Folder 29. Parker Bus Bill and Interstate Commerce Commission Act: Routing, 1930. 

 Box 3. Folder 30. Recapture of Excess Earnings, 1931. 

 Box 3. Folder 31. Commercial motor vehicle regulations: correspondence, 1930. 

 Box 3. Folder 32. Coordination of Motor Transportation: Interstate Commerce Commission hearings, 1930. 

 Box 3. Folder 33. Minutes: Executive Board, American Short Line Railroad Association, 1930. 

 Box 3. Folder 34. Proposed Mississippi bill to set liability for employers in accidents, undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 35. Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company tariff adoption notice, 1926. 

 Box 3. Folder 36. Railroad personnel appointment notices: Various companies, 1924-1928. 

 Box 3. Folder 37. Mississippi railroad regulations: letter, notice, 1926 and undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 38. Miscellaneous: J.G. Blane Company stock issue, circa 1922; Todd Bros. Bus Lines, Covington, La., timetable, undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 39. Stationery, undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 40. Tickets and ice coupon books, undated. 

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Series 3. Enochs Farms. 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Tax assessments, 1915/1916-1919/1920. 

 Microfilm Reel 4. Taxes, 1921-1922. 

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Series 4. Publications. 

 Box 3. Folder 41. Pamphlet: 'Open Shop News of Jefferson County, Texas', No. 34, 1920. 

 Box 3. Folder 42. Booklet: Federal Employers' Liability Act, 1939. 

 Box 1. Unfoldered. Book: Andre, George C. Draughtsman's Handbook of Plan and Map Drawing. London: E. & F. N. Spon, 1891. 

 Box 1. Unfoldered. Book: U.S.D.A. Forest Products Laboratory. Wooden Box and Crate Construction. Chicago: National Association of Box Manufacturers, 1921. 

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Series 5. Miscellany. 

 Microfim Reel 4. Company history, 1968-1971 and undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 43. Company history, 1953-1988 and undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 44. Lamar Ramsay house: specifications, 1936. 

 OS 2. Balance sheet: Miss Ida I. Sykes, 1874. 

 OS 2. Newspaper clipping: sale of land for taxes, Pike County, 1922. 

 OD I Wage law broadsides: Southern-Mid-Western Industry Committee, 1937. 

 OD I. Poster: World's Fair, Chicago, 1934. 

 VMP 4. Photograph: Unidentified men, undated. 

 SMOP 1. Photograph: Unidentified timber factory, undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 45. Photographs photocopies. 

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Series 6. Maps, charts, surveys, plans, 1809-1936 and undated. 

(See Appendix for Series 6 contents not listed below) 

 OS 2. Map showing proposed logging operations east of Columbia, Miss., undated. 

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Appendix. Calendar: Maps, charts, surveys and plans, 1809-1936.

These items include maps, plats and surveys, charts and plans used in the operations of the Fernwood Lumber Company, and the Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Railroad which operated largely in Pike, Marion, and Walthall counties in south Mississippi. There is some concentration on the towns of Tylertown, Columbia and Fernwood, Mississippi. The maps and plats feature rights of way, land owners, railroad construction, expansion plans, and plans for towns. There are also plans for stations and other construction projects, including railroad vice-president Lamar Ramsay’s house. In addition, there are copies of 1809-1810 survey maps of the Mississippi Territory.

Location: In Rolled Storage unless noted otherwise.



Plat City -1

Land Ownership -2

Land Division -3

RR Location -4

RR Construction -5

Structures -6

Miscellaneous -7

Profile Maps -8


Small ---------S

Medium ------M

Large ---------L

Example: Article # S-1-3. S – indicates size, 1 – indicates division, 3 – indicates individual document number.

Small letters after the document number indicate the documents are bound together or related. In the descriptions of the document are also symbols, including:

row = right of way

stru. = structures

stre. = streets

ck. = creeks

Lmbr. = Lumber

T = Township

R = Range

E = East

N = North

X = Crossing

# lots = numbered lots

Flat = maps are stored flat

FC&GRR (or F&GRR before 1920) = Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Railroad

GSIRR = Gulf and Ship Island Railroad

ICRR = Illinois Central Railroad

MC&MRR = Mississippi Central Railroad

NOGNRR = New Orleans, Gulf and Northern Railroad

The items are described in the following order: Number, Date, Scale, Description.


S-1-1 9-5-21 1”=200’ Columbia, MS. Stre., stru., # lots, tracks. Gulf Refining lease. 9”x9” blueprint

S-1-2 (OS Box 2) ND (Columbia, MS) Lots, owners & size, stre., NOGNRR. 15”x20”. Flat. .

S-1-3 ND 1”=200’ Fernwood, MS. Pike Co. stre., stru., #lots, tracks, row. 11”x21” blueprints, silk.

S-1-4 ND 1”=120’ Barto, MS. Pike Co. Stre., stru., FC&GRR, depot, row, ck., 23”x13” blueprint, silk.

S-1-5 Jan-05 1”=100’ Mesa, MS. SE ¼ of SW ¼ of S9.32 R10. Stre., stru., #lots, FG&GRR, row. 13”x13” silk.

S-1-6 9-8-26 1”=100’ Columbia, MS. Stre., land owners, stru., NOGNRR, GSIRR, FC&GRR, row, future location for main track, land for RR purposes and disposition 13”x35” blueprint, silk.

S-1-7 11-20-06 1”=100’ Collins Addition to Tylertown, MS. Pike Co. Stre., F&GRR, row, original survey map. 16”x23”. Silk, blueprint.

M-1-9 2-24-27 1”=80’ Fairview Addition to Columbia, MS Copy Marion Co., Chancery Clerk filings, stre., #lots & size, property owners. 15”x20”. Drawing, reverse copy.

M-1-10 3-7-05 1”=200’ Conerly and Ball Addition to Tyler- town, MS. Pike Co. and accompanying chancery court filings, str., # lots, RR, row, stru. 23”x18”. map.

M-1-11 4-3-26 1”=200’ Tylertown, MS. Map to be used in suit Number Date Scale Description against Liberty-White RR over row across Collins lands. Copy of G.C. Ball map, 9-20-11. Stre., stru., distances, owners. 23”x16” silk.

M-1-12a 10-22-10 1”=150’ City of Kokomo, MS. Marion Co. Stre., stru., #lots, FC&GRR, row, park owners, chancery clerk filings. 17”x22”. drawing.

M-1-12b 11-15-13 Land division and owners of T3N R7E, Ck., roads, RR. 12”x12” tissue paper.

M-1-12c Duplicate see S-1-4.

M-1-12e Duplicate see S-4-17.

M-1-12f ND 1”=300’ Plat of the “Old Quarters” T 2&3 R8. Stru., roads, track bed, land owners farm, well. 17”x14” blueprint.

M-1-12g 1905 1”=200’ Conerly and Ball Addition to Tylertown, MS. Stre., #lots, F&GRR and row, ck. 18”x10” blueprint.

M-1-12h ND Road map of Pike Co. ICRR, Liberty- White RR. 16”x19” tissue paper.

M-1-12i ND Survey map of Columbia, MS. Stre., owners, #lots, GSIRR, NOGNRR. 17”x21” blueprint.

M-1-12j ND (Fernwood, MS) Stre., plots, stru., Industrial layout. 17”x17” blueprint.

M-1-13 (OS Box 2) ND 1”=200’ City plan of Knoxo, MS. Pike Co. F&GRR, row, str., #lots, lot sale by Fernwood Lmbr. Co. 12”x14” blueprint, blueline. Flat. Similar to M-1-15.

M-1-14 (OS Box 2) 10-24-07 1”=120’ Pike Co. Chancery Clerk certified survey of Barto, MS. Original. F&GRR, stru., row, ck., stre., #lots and size, school property. 16”x12” Flat.

M-1-15 (OS Box 2) 9-27-10 1”=200’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. Chancery Clerk registered map of Knoxo, MS. Pike Co. Stre., #lots, F&GRR, row. 12”x15” Flat.

L-1-1 10-19-07 1”=200’ Plat of West Columbia, Marion Co. MS. Stre., lots, Chancery Clerk filed original, row. 23”x22” blueprint.


S-2-1 ND T 16, R 16W. Lands belonging to H. of E.F. and M.W.F. Ink drawing 15”x12”. S-2-2 1-4-26 ½” = 1mi. Lands owned by Fernwood Lmbr. Co. in Pike, Walthall, and Marion Co. FC&GRR, ICRR, roads, highways, stru. 13”x26” silk.

M-2-1 ND Lands west of Pearl River, Denkman lands T 3,4,5,6N, R 10,11,12, 13E. Shaded lands, MC&MRR, roads, ck., stru., towns. 21”x24”. silk.

M-2-2 ND T4,5,6N R10,11,12,13,14E. Shaded land ownership, towns, ck., roads, lots. 18”x30”. Form map.

M-2-3 2-16-14 1”=300’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. T3 R7 SW ¾ of Section 30, Pike Co. Size and use of land, fences, ck., ICRR, row. 13”x13” silk.

M-2-4 1-27-14 1”=300’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. T3 R7 SE ¾ of Section 36. Land owners, stru., ck., fences. 13”x13” silk.

M-2-5 1-23-14 1”=1200’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. Farm plats, owners, property size, stru., ditches, ck., land use, fences, T2&3 R. 13”x13”. silk.

M-2-6 1-14-14 1”=300’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. T2 R7 NW ¾ of Section 1, Pike Co., MS. Land owners, size, fences, roads, stru., ck., land use. 13”x13” silk.

M-2-7 4-23-14 1”=300’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. T3 R8 SW 3/8 of Section 31/ T2 R7 NW 3/16 of Section 1, Pike Co., MS. Land owners, size, land use, stru., ICRR, F&GRR, ck., swamps. 13”x13” silk.

M-2-8 4-29-14 1”=300’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. T3 R7 SE 9/16 of Section 25, Pike Co., MS. Land owners, size, land use, stru., ck., stre., fences, roads, ICRR. 13”x13” silk.

M-2-9 4-23-14 1”=300’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. T2 R7NE 9/16 of Section 1, Pike Co., MS.Land owners, land use, size, struc., roads, ck., fences. 13”x13” silk.

L-2-1 3-7-28 1”=1mi. Territory between Columbia and Hattiesburg (Marion, Lamar, and Forrest Co.), MS. T2,3,4,5N R18,1716,15,14,13W. G&SIRR, Central RR, Bonhomie and Hattiesburg Southern RR, NO&WERR, Tallahalla Br. Mc. RR, stru., company tram roads, cities, roads, ck., rivers. 25”x36” silk.

L-2-1a 3-7-28 1”=1mi. Same as L-2-1 with hand-colored marking denoting land owned by lumber companies. 27”x39”.

L-2-2 6-8-26 1”=10ch. Fernwood Farms, Fernwood, MS. FC&GRR, McComb & Magnolia Light and RR Co., stru., Hways, roads, land use, and type of land. 33”x28” silk, blueprint.

L-2-3 Jan-26 1”=1mi. Lands owned and under bond to, and sold by, Fernwood Lmbr. Co. in Pike, Walthall, and Marion Co. School districts, roads, RR, ck. 26”x45” blueprint.

L-2-4 ND (Columbia, MS). Gulf and Ship Island RR, land owners, stre., stru., ck., 24”x54” blueprint.

The following Fernwood Lmbr. Co. maps L-2-5 — L-2-10 all have the same legend:

Fernwood Lmbr. Co. – cut over lands;

The Enochs Farms – cut over lands;

Fernwood Lmbr. Co. – bond for title land;

The Enochs Farms – bond for title land.

L-2-5 12-1-22 4”=1mi. T4N R13E Sections 1-36. NOGNRR, Morgantown road, Pearl River. Silk, blueprint.

L-2-6 12-1-22 4”=1mi. T2N R12E Sections 1-36. Roads, FC&GRR row. Silk, blueprint.

L-2-7 12-1-22 4”=1mi. T3N R13E Sections 1-36. Roads, FC&GRR Pearl River, NOGNRR, row, cities, stru. Silk, blueprint.

L-2-8 12-1-22 4”=1mi. T3N R12E Sections 1-36. FC&GRR, Hways roads, stru., land owners, ck. Silk, blueprint.

L-2-9 12-1-22 4”=1mi. T1N R12E Sections 1-36. row. Silk, blueprint.

L-2-10 12-1-22 4”=1mi. T4N R12E Sections 1-36. Roads, row, river, stru., land owners, trees. Silk, blueprint.

L-2-11 ND 1”=1320’ 15 sheet map of Pike Co. RR, towns, ck., land division and owners of property.

Sheet #1 – Ads and sponsors.

Sheet #2 – T1 R7.

Sheet #3 – T2 R7.

Sheet #4 – T3 R7.

Sheet #5 – McCue Town, Bear Town, E2 SW4 Section 13-3-7.

Sheet #6 – Algiers W2 NE 4 Section 14-3-7.

Sheet #7 – T4 R7.

Sheet #8 – T1 R8.

Sheet #9 – T2 R8.

Sheet #10 – T3 R8.

Sheet #11 – T4 R8.

Sheet #12 – T1 R9.

Sheet #13 – T2 R9.

Sheet #14 – T3 R9.

Sheet #15 – various sections.

L-2-12 (OD I) ND Land division map with unexplained markings for owners T2,3,4 R11,12,13. 22”x35”. Flat.


L-3-0 FC&GRR line, Fernwood-Foxworth-Columbia, map (photocopied) used in processing collection.

L-3-1 ND Pike, Walthall, Marion Counties and Separate School divisions T1,2,3,4 R7-14. 23”x13”.

L-3-2 ND (McComb-Columbia, MS) T1,2,3,4 R7-14. Towns, ck., rivers, roads. 25”x45”. silk.

Series I

Scale: 1”= 6 chains

Size: 15”x22”

Description: Blueprints of land surveyed by G.C. Ball for Lampton Realty Co between 1912 and 1921. Each map contains 1 or more aliquot parts of sections within a specific township and range in Marion, Pike and Walthall counties, based on the original 1803 survey.

# lots, # of acres, # of acres suited for cultivation, character of the soil, class of land. Also remarks about timber. Roads, ck., profile, land owners, land use, pastures, cemeteries, minerals, RR, lakes, stre., stru., age of fields.

The items are described in the following order: Number, Township, Range, Section, County, Date.

M-3-42 1N 9E 25 Walthall 9-12-17

M-3-47 1N 10E 1 Pike 5-9-12

M-3-52 1N 10E 2 Walthall 5-8-17

M-3-51 1N 10E 3 Pike 4-26-12

M-3-46 1N 10E 4 Pike 4-23-12

M-3-49 1N 10E 5 Pike 4-24-12

M-3-55 1N 10E 9 Pike 5-10-12

M-3-50 1N 10E 10 Pike 5-7-1?

M-3-53 1N 10E 13 Pike 9-2-12

M-3-106 1N 10E 14 Pike 5-15-12

M-3-108 1N 10E 15 Pike 5-16-12

M-3-103 1N 10E 16 Pike 4-30-12

M-3-114 1N 10E 17 Pike 5-1-12

M-3-123 1N 10E 19 Walthall 9-11-17

M-3-107 1N 10E 22 Pike 10-17-12

M-3-120 1N 10E 23 Pike 10-5-12

M-3-131 1N 10E 24 Pike 9-5-12

M-3-164 1N 10E 26 Pike 9-18-12

M-3-129 1N 10E 27 Pike 10-18-12

M-3-134 1N 10E 29 Walthall 2-15-18

M-3-130 1N 10E 30 Walthall 9-13-17

M-3-125 1N 10E 32 Walthall 2-15-18

M-3-135 1N 10E 33 Pike 3-22-13

M-3-128 1N 10E 35 Pike 9-26-12

M-3-69 1N 11E 2 Pike 1-16-12

M-3-70 1N 11E 3 Pike 1-17-13

M-3-77 1N 11E 4 Pike 1-28-13

M-3-68 1N 11E 5 Pike 1-29-13

M-3-73 1N 11E 6 Pike 1-31-13

M-3-76 1N 11E 7 Pike 6-7-12

M-3-72 1N 11E 8 Pike 6-17-12

M-3-74 1N 11E 9 Pike 1-29-13

M-3-88 1N 11E 10 Pike 12-30-12

M-3-87 1N 11E 11 Pike 12-30-12

M-3-79 1N 11E 12 Pike 12-27-12

M-3-92 1N 11E 13 Pike 12-29-12

M-3-78 1N 11E 14 Pike 11-29-12

M-3-67 1N 11E 15 Pike 11-27-12

M-3-83 1N 11E 16 Pike 6-25-12

M-3-82 1N 11E 17 Pike 6-21-12

M-3-91 1N 11E 18 Pike 6-11-12

M-3-94 1N 11E 19 Pike 10-29-12

M-3-89 1N 11E 20 Pike 10-31-12

M-3-80 1N 11E 21 Pike 11-15-12

M-3-93 1N 11E 22 Walthall 5-10-17

M-3-81 1N 11E 24 Pike 5-22-12

M-3-96 1N 11E 25 Pike 5-23-12

M-3-90 1N 11E 26 Pike 5-24-12

M-3-85 1N 11E 30 Pike 10-29-12

M-3-95 1N 11E 31 Pike 10-19-12

M-3-86 1N 11E 32 Pike 11-5-12

M-3-84 1N 11E 34 Pike 5-23-12

M-3-97 1N 11E 36 Pike 12-15-12

M-3-7 1N 12E 1 Walthall 6-28-21

M-3-13 1N 12E 6 Walthall 6-10-19

M-3-161 1N 12E 12 Walthall 6-28-21

M-3-11 1N 12E 27 Walthall 3-27-20

M-3-28 1N 13E 4 Marion 3-28-19

M-3-162 1N 13E 9 Walthall 6-26-21

M-3-160 1N 13E 10 Walthall 6-26-21

M-3-30 1N 14E 5 Marion 12-18-20

M-3-14 1N 14E 6 Marion 12-2-20

M-3-24 1N 14E 7 Marion 11-12-15

M-3-23 1N 14E 8 Marion 12-1-15

M-3-38 1N 14E 9 Marion 11-23-15

M-3-34 1N 14E 16 Marion 11-15-15

M-3-36 1N 14E 17 Marion 11-26-20

M-3-45 1N 14E 18 Marion 11-27-20

M-3-43 2N 9E 1 Walthall 5-7-17

M-3-35 2N 9E 10 Pike 2-9-15

M-3-29 2N 9E 11 Pike 5-7-17

M-3-40 2N 9E 12 Walthall 5-7-17

M-3-127 2N 10E 1 Pike 5-12-13

M-3-124 2N 10E 2 Pike 5-17-13

M-3-142 2N 10E 3 Pike 5-14-13

M-3-121 2N 10E 4 Walthall 8-23-15

M-3-122 2N 10E 5 Walthall 8-21-15

M-3-143 2N 10E 6 Walthall 8-26-15

M-3-165 2N 10E 7 Walthall 8-25-15

M-3-133 2N 10E 8 Walthall 8-19-15

M-3-104 2N 10E 9 Walthall 8-20-15

M-3-145 2N 10E 11 Pike 5-7-13

M-3-144 2N 10E 12 Pike 5-9-13

M-3-119 2N 10E 13 Pike 5-9-13

M-3-132 2N 10E 14 Pike 5-5-13

M-3-100 2N 10E 15 Pike 4-22-13

M-3-102 2N 10E 16 Pike 4-18-13

M-3-166 2N 10E 17 Pike 4-15-13

M-3-141 2N 10E 19 Pike 4-11-13

M-3-146 2N 10E 21 Pike 4-14-13

M-3-118 2N 10E 22 Pike 4-18-13

M-3-117 2N 10E 23 Pike 4-25-13

M-3-115 2N 10E 25 Pike 3-17-13

M-3-109 2N 10E 26 Pike 4-7-13

M-3-112 2N 10E 27 Pike 2-10-13

M-3-110 2N 10E 28 Pike 2-15-13

M-3-140 2N 10E 29 Pike 2-16-13

M-3-137 2N 10E 30 Pike 3-7-13

M-3-139 2N 10E 32 Pike 4-2-13

M-3-113 2N 10E 33 Pike 2-16-13

M-3-136 2N 10E 34 Pike 3-4-13

M-3-138 2N 10E 35 Pike 4-8-13

M-3-153 2N 10E 36 Pike 2-6-13

M-3-99 2N 11E 1 Walthall 4-2-17

M-3-101 2N 11E 6 Walthall 2-17-15

M-3-98 2N 11E 7 Walthall 2-10-15

M-3-151 2N 11E 8 Walthall 6-11-19

M-3-152 2N 11E 10 Walthall 1-15-15

M-3-150 2N 11E 11 Walthall 1-27-15

M-3-149 2N 11E 14 Walthall 1-20-15

M-3-147 2N 11E 15 Walthall 1-27-15

M-3-148 2N 11E 19 Walthall 9-26-16

M-3-1 2N 11E 21 Pike 5-2-13

M-3-3 2N 11E 23 Walthall 1-10-15

M-3-4 2N 11E 27 Walthall 1-8-15

M-3-167 2N 11E 31 Pike 2-10-14

M-3-2 2N 11E 32 Pike 2-10-14

M-3-21 2N 12E 3 Marion 9-11-21

M-3-18 2N 12E 4 Marion 9-10-20

M-3-16 2N 12E 6 Walthall 4-4-21

M-3-15 2N 12E 16 Marion 12-5-19

M-3-163 2N 12E 21 Walthall 4-16-21

M-3-17 2N 12E 26 Walthall 4-14-21

M-3-22 2N 12E 27 Walthall 4-15-21

M-3-32 2N 13E 27 Marion 12-17-20

M-3-19 2N 13E 28 Marion 12-17-20

M-3-26 2N 13E 33 Marion 3-28-19

M-3-25 2N 13E 34 Marion 12-15-20

M-3-33 2N 13E 35 Marion 12-14-20

M-3-12 2N 13E 36 Marion 12-18-20

M-3-44 2N 14E 6 Marion 9-27-16

M-3-37 2N 14E 30 Marion 11-30-20

M-3-41 2N 14E 31 Marion 12-1-20

M-3-39 3N 9E 25 Walthall 11-4-15

M-3-48 3N 9E 36 Walthall 9-2-15

M-3-111 3N 10E 9 Walthall 10-12-20

M-3-155 3N 10E 12 Walthall 6-12-19

M-3-157 3N 10E 13 Walthall 6-12-19

M-3-158 3N 10E 14 Walthall 3-29-19

M-3-159 3N 10E 17 Walthall 9-5-17

M-3-154 3N 10E 18 Walthall 8-27-17

M-3-156 3N 10E 19 Walthall 8-27-17

M-3-31 3N 10E 20 Walthall 8-21-17

M-3-27 3N 10E 21 Walthall 8-20-17

M-3-57 3N 10E 22 Walthall 2-7-19

M-3-59 3N 10E 23 Pike 6-16-13

M-3-54 3N 10E 24 Pike 6-5-13

M-3-61 3N 10E 25 Pike 6-11-13

M-3-63 3N 10E 26 Pike 6-14-13

M-3-64 3N 10E 28 Walthall 10-26-15

M-3-65 3N 10E 29 Walthall 10-22-15

M-3-62 3N 10E 29 Walthall 10-22-15

M-3-56 3N 10E 30 Walthall 10-20-15

M-3-58 3N 10E 31 Walthall 8-31-15

M-3-75 3N 10E 32 Walthall 1-14-15

M-3-71 3N 10E 33 Pike 5-23-13

M-3-60 3N 10E 34 Pike 5-16-13

M-3-66 3N 10E 35 Pike 5-20-13

M-3-10 3N 11E 11 Walthall 9-14-20

M-3-5 3N 11E 18 Walthall 6-12-19

M-3-6 3N 11E 23 Walthall 2-8-18

M-3-8 3N 11E 29 Walthall 11-15-19

M-3-9 3N 11E 36 Walthall 4-2-17

M-3-20 3N 12E 31 Marion 4-4-21

Series II

Scale: 1”=40 chains

Size: 18” x 24”

Description: Copies of survey of Mississippi Territory, 1809-1810. Ck., rivers, possible use of land and suitability, vegetation.

The items are described in the following order: Number, Township, Range, Date.

M-3-16 1 10E 12-22-1809

M-3-9 1 11E ND

M-3-7 1 12E 2-1810

M-3-6 1 13E 11-1809

M-3-4 1 14E 12-20-1809

M-3-19 2 7E 12-1809

M-3-18 2 8E 1-1810

M-3-17 2 9E 1-1810

M-3-10 2 10E 12-4-1809

M-3-8 2 11E 1-17-1810

M-3-1 2 12E 1-17-1810

M-3-5 2 13E 1-17-1810

M-3-12 3 9E 1-1810

M-3-15 3 10E 1-10-1810

M-3-13 3 11E 1-24-1810

M-3-20 3 12E 2-8-1810

M-3-2 3 13E 12-1809

M-3-11 4 9E 1-1810

M-3-14 4 10E 12-1809

M-3-3 4 11E 2-10-1810

M-3-22 4 12E 2-10-1810

M-3-21 4 13E 1-1810


The items are described in the following order: Number, Date, Scale, Description.

S-4-1 ND 1”=100’ Arrangement of F&GRR tracks at east end of Tylertown yard. Profile, stru., loading ramps, spurs. 9”x23” silk.

S-4-2 ND 1”=100’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. Waylands conveyed to Chicago, St. Louis & N.O. RR. Ck., stru., spurs, stre. F&GRR. 12”x78” blueprint, 2 tracings.

S-4-3 ND 1”=100’ Track to be built to business of George W. Sumrall, Tylertown, MS. Range St, adjoining lots, tracks, proposed tracks. 13”x8” blueprint.

S-4-4 11-11-25 1”=200’ Conerly, MS. plan for relocation of main track. FC&GRR row, rights to be acquired, tracks to be moved, proposed location of tracks, ck., spurs, stru., trestles. 7”x18” silk.

S-4-5 9-20-20 1”=300’ FC&GRR spur for main track. T3 R12 Section 13, Marion Co., MS. 8”x14” 1 blueprint, 1 silk.

S-4-6 2-3-19 1”=100’ F&GRR spur to Ginns warehouse, Tylertown, MS. Stre., stru., tracks. 7”x14” tracing paper drawing.

S-4-7 ND 1”=80’ F&GRR tracks at Kioto, MS., row, stru., roads. 7”x16” silk.

S-4-8 9-21-20 1”=300’ F&GRR spur track. Section 6 T2 R10 Walthall Co. 8”x14” 1 blueprint, 1 silk.

S-4-9 ND 1”=200’ Proposed row. purchase for proposed change in track location of FC&GRR from Barto, MS. to Conerly, MS. Stru., cemetery. 8”x14” blueprint.

S-4-10 ND 1”=200’ Spur for Caraway and Morris Saw Mill near Carto, MS. Stru., public roads, F&GRR main line, row. 12”x20” silk.

S-4-11 11-5-25 Middle United States, railroads, rivers, cities. 11”x7” silk.

S-4-12 6-12-20 FC&GRR from Kokomo to Foxworth, MS. Lovel’s Mill spur, NOGNRR. 8”x15” paper, blueprint.

S-4-13 (OD I) 10-5-16 ICRR connection with Fernwood plant, struc., main line. 12”x32” parchment. Flat.

S-4-14 10-15-08 1”=100’ Tylertown, MS. Proposed tracks and interchange of NOGNRR, change in passing track of F&GRR, stru., tracks, stre., ck. 12”x19” silk.

S-4-15 ND 1”=300’ Track arrangement of F&GRR at Knoxo, MS. Commercial track, stru., row. 13”x24” silk.

S-4-16 ND Proposed location of F&GRR, location NOGNRR. 11”x15” chart.

S-4-17 ND F&GRR from Tylertown to Kokomo. Pike and Marion Co. Roads, ck., towns. 12”x18” silk, card.

S-4-18 4-10-12 1”=100’ Fernwood, MS. Drainage and ICRR waylands to be secured, row, roads, stru., ck., profile. 12”x72”. Blueprint, tracing.

S-4-19 (OS Box 2) 10-15-08 1”=100’ Proposed tracks for NOGNRR at Tylertown, MS. Proposed change in tracks for F&GRR, stru., stre., ck. 12”x19” blueprint. Flat.

S-4-20 (OS Box 2) 1-1-21 Proposed intersection of NOGNRR and F&GRR near Foxworth, MS. Row, angles. T 3 R13.13”x13” rough drawing. Flat.

M-4-1 Aug-19 1”=100’ Foxworth, MS. NOGNRR and plan showing proposed connection with FC&GRR. Stru., tracks, pipelines, ck. 23”x51” silk, blueprint.

M-4-2 9-16-15 1”=80’ F&GRR tracks across John Stovall lands Section 5 T3N R11E Profile map, ditch, stru., roads, 18”x29” silk, blueprint.

M-4-3 8-5-19 1”=200’ Magnolia, MS., other lands along extension and proposed extension, profile, stru., tracks, stre., type of land, land use. 22”x36” tissue and graph paper drawing.

L-4-1 ND FC&GRR (all of), NOGNRR, towns, Pearl River. T1,2,3,4N R8,9,10,11,12,13,14 E, unexplained green shading. 25”x42” form drawing.

L-4-2 ND 1 ½ “=2mi. Tennessee county lines (Bledsoe-Pickett) and some land division. Tenn. Central RR, Southern RR, Oneida Western RR, ck., rivers. 35”x28” silk drawing.

L-4-3 ND Columbia, MS. Stre., tracks, row, stru., roads, Great Southern Lmbr. Co., NOGNRR. 23”x52” blueprint.

L-4-4 ND FC&GRR from Tylertown to Fernwood. Owners, row, ck. 36”x12” On reverse of blueprint paper.

L-4-5 ND 3”=1mi. Second Supervisor’s District, Pike Co. Towns, rivers, ck., ICRR, F&GRR, Liberty White RR, roads, 38”x36” blue.

L-4-6a Dec-20 1”=400’ FC &GRR. Sheet #1. Station 1684+120- 1910+00, miles 32-36 east of Kokomo. Row, sections of land, schedule of property, bridges, road xings, cattle guards. 23”x52” blueprint.

L-4-6b Dec-20 1”=400’ FC &GRR. Sheet #2. Station 1910 +00- 2130+98.0, miles 36-40 Sumbax-Neb. Large schedule of property. 23”x52” blueprint.

L-4-6c 2-15-17 1”=400’ FC &GRR. Sheet #3. Station 2103+38.3- 2182+32, miles 40-41 Foxworth-Columbia. Related to contract for joint facilities. Schedule of property, bridges, culverts, cattle guards, row, NOGNRR, G&SIRR, stre., stru., river, ck. 23”x52” blueprint.


S-5-1 2-23-20 ½”= 1’ Xing of Columbia Extension of F&GRR across G&SIRR, dimensions, curves. 14”x14” 1 blue, 1 silk.

S-5-2 2-23-20 ½”=1’ F&GRR’s Columbia Extension plan of xing G&SIRR in Columbia, MS. row, dimensions, angles 14”x14” silk.

S-5-3 6-15-22 Dimensions and materials for track bed, X section of track bed. 11”x10” silk, blueprint.

S-5-4 3-1-21 ½”=1’ FC&GRR Standard Ballast Deck Trestle. X section, dimensions, and materials. 18”x10” silk rough draft.

Sheet #2: Floor plan of trestle. 18”x10” silk.

Sheet #3: Side elevation of trestle, dimensions, and materials. 18”x10” silk.

Sheet #4: Bill of materials for trestle.

S-5-5 ND 2 ½” =100’ Dimensions and materials for road bed construction, types of soil, gravel, etc. (Exhibit “B” to W.D. Hurt’s testimony) 9”x18” tissue.

S-5-6 ND 1”=2’ FC&GRR plan of trestle. Guard rails, dimensions. 6”x15”. silk.

S-5-7 ND Tracing paper drawings (37), of road bed construction, elevation, excavation and soils. 12”x8”.

S-5-8 (OS Box 2) 2-18-15 1”=2’ F&GRR plan of guard rails, dimensions, 4 figures. 8”x12” tissue paper. Flat.

S-5-9 (OS Box 2) ND Sketch showing framing in unsupported front wall . Dimensions and materials. 16”x30” drawing.

M-5-1 (OD I) 9-15-1897 ½”=1’ ICRR blueprint for standard pile trestle, lists of materials, dimensions, drawings, elevation. 23”x34”.


S-6-1 ND 1”=100’ F&GRR station plat at Fernwood, MS. Tracks, stru., ck. 9”x30” silk.

M-6-1 2-15-17 1”=100’ F&GRR Fernwood station map – all stru. of Fernwood plant, ICRR tracks, ponds, ditches, offices, mills, shops, boilers, kilns, brick yards, etc. 23”x39” silk.

M-6-2 10-9-36 1/16”=1’ Grading study of Lamar Ramsay house site. Elevation, trees, rough draft of ground level. 18”x21” blueprint.

M-6-3 5-16-26 1”=50’ Depot of NOGNRR at Tylertown, MS. 21”x36” blueprints.

Sheet #1-Tracks, stre., lots, stru., ck.

Sheet #2- Schedule of openings, foundation.

Sheet #3- Electrical wiring plan and roof plan.

Sheet #4- Longitudinal and X section drawing of depot, floor and window plans and dimensions.

Sheet #5- Elevation of depot and drawings.

Sheet #6- Details of depot, windows, casings, brick, etc.

M-6-4 9-22-14 1”=40’ Fernwood Lmbr. Co. Plan of turpentine distillery at Kokomo, MS. Stru., RR, bridges, trestles. 20”x18” silk, blueprint.

M-6-5 ND Consolidated High School building plans at Kokomo, MS. 20”x26”. Xavier A. Kramer, Magnolia, MS., architect.

Sheet #1 – foundation.

Sheet #2 – 1st floor plan

Sheet #3 – 2nd floor plan

Sheet #4 – roof plan

Sheet #5 – front elevation

Sheet #6 – side elevation

Sheet #7 – X section

Sheet #8 – details, chalk rails, base, wall.

M-6-5-d = duplicate.

L-6-1 ND 3/16”=1’ Floor plans of Fernwood School. 22”x30”.

L-6-2 March-34 1”=100’ Fernwood, MS, Industrial layout, stru., ck., tracks. 32”x40”.

L-6-3 11-3-36 Lamar Ramsay house. Charles R. Armstrong, Richard Koch, New Orleans, LA., architects. Blueprints. 27”x32”

Sheet#1 – Basement and foundation plan, dimensions and materials.

Sheet#2 – 1st floor plan, schedule of openings, dimensions, materials.

Sheet#3 – 2nd floor plan, schedule of openings, dimensions, materials.

Sheet#4 – West and East elevation, materials, dimensions.

Sheet#5 – North and South elevation, basement, windows, doors, roof, materials, dimensions.

Sheet#6 –Details of doors, stairways, porches, cornices, base and trims.

Sheet#7 – alternative estimates.


S-7-2 ND Material and info. on wooden display case (refrigerated) T.R. Miller Mill Co., Brewton, Ala. 4 pages. Diagrams, specifications, x sections, and materials. 18”x22” blueprint.

L-7-1 ND Horne and Enochs order #1091, sheet 3. Dimensions for wood order (?). 23”x38” blueprint.

M-7-1 1917 Complete war map of Western Europe.


S-8-1 1-18-17 Profile of 5 mi. eastern extension of F&GRR from Kokomo, MS. 10”x2’. blueprint.

S-8-2 ND Profile map – area unknown (Magee’s Creek?). 10”x27”.

S-8-3 Profile map of Tylertown east including Carto and Knoxo, MS. pipeline installations. 12”x3’.

S-8-4 ND Profile of main line of F&GRR extending from Mesa, MS to Kokomo, MS. 15 mi. 10”x6’.

S-8-5 Dec-20 1”=400’ Profile of Columbia extension of FC&GRR from Kokomo to Columbia. Plan for earth excavation, list of materials for RR construction. 4 sheets

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