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Honors Thesis


Depression is a major health concern worldwide, particularly through its impact on individuals' level of functioning. However, noticeably absent from the study of depression and social functioning is an examination of social withdrawal. This paper examines if social withdrawal predicts social functioning above and beyond symptoms of depression and anhedonia. We developed the Social Withdrawal Scale (SWS) and tested it, along with other measures of depression and social functioning, using participants from Amazon MTurk. The results of the study indicated that the SWS functioned best as a single factor measure. The SWS did in fact predict additional variability in social functioning accounted for by the Beck Depression Inventory - Second Edition (BDI-II) and the Specific Loss of Interest and Pleasure Scale (SLIPS). The SWS demonstrated good convergent and divergent validity. Social withdrawal appears to be a distinct construct that aids understanding of depression. We hope the SWS will be used in future studies as well as a supplement to traditional measures of depression.

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Keeley, Jared W.

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Winer, E. Samuel

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Oppenheimer, Seth F.