Background: Within the Deep South, vaccine ratings fall between 48.5-58% of the state’s population being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Therefore, half of the population is at risk for the negative mortality and morbidity outcomes associated with COVID-19.Purpose: The aim of this study was to describe key influencers for accepting the COVID-19 vaccine for individuals living within the Deep South region of the US.Methods: A descriptive, secondary analysis of quantitative data was conducted from an online survey entitled COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Survey. A total of 421 participants identified as living in the Deep South, were ≥ 18 years of age, and English speaking and thus were included in the analysis. Descriptive statistics and mean frequency scores were calculated.Results: The highest means were identified among the social responsibility influencers for participants regardless of gender, race, or age. Healthcare influencers, particularly the option of a doctor, healthcare provider, nurse, also positively influenced male and female participants who were ≥25 years old. Public figure influencers had little to no influence on the overall sample.Conclusions: With the current pandemic impacting those who are unvaccinated, an increase in targeted strategies and interventions to increase vaccine acceptance in the Deep South is warranted.


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