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Sixty-two pages of original court documents from the State v. Joe case dating 1857. The case was heard in the State of Mississippi Lowndes County Circuit Court.


The State of Mississippi, Lowndes County, charged Joe, an enslaved man owned by Edwin Jordan, with assault and battery with the intent to kill and murder Scott Cratic, a white person on April 1, 1856. In 1857, Jordan states in an affidavit that one of his enslaved women, Ginney, is a material witness for the defendant Joe. Ginny is unable to travel to court due to sickness so Jordan requests additional time for her testimony to be heard. Jordan also states that according to Ginny and other witnesses the events surrounding the incident stemmed from a card game where Cratic lost his money and knife to Joe. This resulted in Cratic, sometime later, attacking Joe and threatening to whip him. Joe, attempting to return to work, had an axe in his hand. When Cratic struck Joe with the loaded part of the whip, Joe asked to be left alone to do his work because his master was not home. Other material witnesses include, but are not limited to, Capt. John Seale, a white man, and two enslaved women Amy and Henrietta.

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Slaveholders.; Slavery -- Mississippi.; Slavery -- Mississippi -- History -- Sources.; Slaveholders.; Slaves -- Social Conditions.; Crime and race.; Legal documents.; Negotiable instruments.; Crime--History.


Slavery, Slaves, Circuit Court, State Court, Criminal Files, Enslaved persons, Lowndes County, Mississippi; Legal instrument

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Columbus--Mississippi; Lowndes County (Miss.).

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State of Mississippi Lowndes County Circuit Court State Criminal Case Files Collection. Billups-Garth Archives, Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System (Miss.).


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State of Mississippi, Circuit Court Criminal Case, Lowndes County State v. Joe, Case File No. 1255



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