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Record of estate administration, including iring out of an unnamed enslaved woman


DR John Worthy Guardian of the persons & Estates of John, William & Samuel Carson in a/c with said minors CR Your accountant charges himself as follows to wit To three fifths of the net balance on Mrs Carsons a/c of admin of Jas Carson decd as settled with this Court $ 703.93 422 37 To three fifths of the interest on the above amt for four years and six months 132 65 To three fifths of the hire of a negro noman for three years @ $25 45 To 3/5 amt of inventory $321 312 60 $932 62 $ 932 62 To balance brought down $ 111 91   Page 2 Your accountant prays allowance as follows To wit For amt paid for sundries per voucher A 140 87 ½ ? ,, Interest on the above amt 11 52 ,, amt paid Elizabeth Delany B 9 62 ½ ,, Boarding the above named minors for three years at $50 450 00 ,, amt paid John P Laundey C 14 09 ,, amt paid for sundries D 5 00 ,, 3/5 Bill of costs paid clk chy court viz case Jas. Carson v R. Terill? 39 30 3/5 Coms on $521.50 a per cent? For three fifths amt paid on a judgement & costs in Circuit Court of A.C. in a case of R Terell vs Jno B Nevitt & Security as security of Jas Carson decd $142.68 57 06 Commisions on $932.62 at 10 per cent 93 93 26 Balance in the hands of the Guardian 111 111 91 $ 932 62 $ 932 62 State of Mississippi Adams County} John Worthy Guardian as above stated being duly Sworn deposeth and saith that the forgoing amount as stated is just and true further saith not. Sworn to and subscribed before this March 25th 1829 John Worthy

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Slaveholders ; Slavery -- Mississippi ; Slavery -- Mississippi -- History -- Sources ; Slaveholders; Legal Documents


slavery; enslaved persons; Mississippi; estate files; probate files; Adams County; John Carson; William Carson; Samuel Carson; James Carson; Estate Administration Record


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Adams County (Miss.)

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James, John, William and Daniel Carson, Minors Estate File, Box 9, Probate and Estate Files Collection, Historic Natchez Foundation, Mississippi

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James, John, William and Daniel Carson, Minors Estate File, Box 9, Probate and Estate Files Collection, Historic Natchez Foundation, Mississippi


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Carson, James, John, William and Daniel - Estate administration record, 1829, by Dr. John Worthy for John, William & Sam and James Carson