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Includes enslaved men Princ [Prince], Sam, and Mat [Matt], and a woman named Rachal [Rachel]


Mississippi Territory County of Adams} by William Dunbar Esq. Judge of Probate These are to authorize and empower you, whose names are here underwritten, to make an inventory and appraisement of the goods and chattels of William Calvit late of said County deceased, wheresoever the fame shall be found within the Territory aforesaid, and which shall be shewn unto you by the Administrators of the estate of the said deceased; being first sworn, to make a true and perfect inventory and appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hands to the said Admini-strators within two months from this date, Date the 18th day of June Anno Dom. 1800 To Anthony Hoggat John Calliham and Wilford Hoggat William Dunbar Judge of Probate Memorandum – This 20th day of August 1800 personally appeared before me the undersigned, one of the justices assigned to keep the peace for the County of Adams; Anthony Hoggat, John Calliham, and Wilford Hoggat being the appraisers appointed to the appraise the goods and chattels of William Calvit deceased; who being duly sworn, made oath, that they would make a just and true appraisement of all and singular the goods and chattels, (ready money excepted) of the Estate of the said deceased, as shall be produced by the Administrator of the estate of the said deceased; and that they would return the same certified under their hands unto the said Administrators within the time prescribed by the warrant of appraisement to them directed by the Judge of Probate for said County, Joshua Harvard   Page 2 A true and perfect inventory of all the goods, chattels and personal estate of William Calvit late of Sandy Creek in the county of Adams deceased, made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed, the 22 day of August A.D. 1800 Dol Cents 1 Tract of Land Containing 800 Acres 1600 1 Negro Man named Princ 450 1 dto, dto, named Sam 550 1 dto, dto, named Mat 550 1 dto, Woman named Rachal 450 1 Sorrel Mare 60 1 Yoak Oxen red & white 60; 1 dto red & Black 40 100 8 Cows & Calves 10 Each 80_ 14 head dry Cattle 6p head 164 2 Cows & Calves & 1 yearling 22_ 1 Hand Mill 8 30 2 Blankits 4_ 2 Sheets 4_ 1 Trunk 4_ 1 looking Glass 1 13 2 dto. 4_ 1 Sheet 1_ 1 Beadsted & Cord 2_ 1 pr Stilyrd?, 3 10 1 Table 6_ 1 Pot 4_ 1 dto 3_ 1 small kittle? 2 15 1 Bake iron 1_ 2 p. Pot hooks 1_ 2 pt. iron Potracks 6 8 1 Log Chain 12_ 2 Grubing Hoes 3_ Ax 1_ 1 Hand Saw 2 18 2 4 lat Irons 1_ 3 Orld(?) Augres drawing knife & fine Shovel 2 50 1 Ox ring & Steeple 1/50_ 1 lock Chain broke 3 4 50 2 Putor Bason 2_ Oald Putor 1_ 4 knives & 6 Forks 50 3 50 1 p. Shed? 25_ 11 Tea Spoons 50_ Pepper box 25 1 1 p. Cart Wheels 6_ 10 Gees 5 11 4040 50 So much of the above mentioned, Estate hath been shewn by John & Anthony Calvit Administrators_ and by us Appraisd, given from under our Hands this 22 day of August A.D. 1800 Anthony Hoggatt John Callahan Wilford Hoggatt

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slavery; enslaved persons; Mississippi; estate files; probate files; Adams County; William Calvit; Estate inventory


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Adams County (Miss.)

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William Calvit Estate File, Box 10, Probate and Estate Files Collection, Historic Natchez Foundation, Mississippi

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William Calvit Estate File, Box 10, Probate and Estate Files Collection, Historic Natchez Foundation, Mississippi


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Calvit, William - Ordere of appraisal, including appraisal information, for the estate of William Calvit, deceased