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The writer's Robert M. Ayers, wife nurses Amy, an enslaved woman. He also writes on possibly purchasing enslaved persons at the Forks of the Road seller's market.


My dear Sir, I received several of yr esteemed favr lately which at this time are in Natchez. Chas. Dearie was up and left almost without my knowledge of his being in Natchez, which I very much regret, as we expected him to come out an remain with us as long as agreeable to him. When I heard he was in natchez would have gone in and brought him out in my cab had the roads been in condition for me to have done so, but during the last month I have not taken Sarah to town owing to the bad condition of the road. Upon receipt of B/S [bill of sale] from J. S. Chenoweth & Co. Cincinnati for 50 Barrels Mess Pork shipped in my name care of R Mason Natchez please pay their sight drafts for it, when due. It will be shipped in two lots during this month. The hire of yr negroes for last year ($600) I presume you have charged my a/c with before this as I told Mr Mason to request you to do so. For the present year I am willing to allow $675.00 for them, or, if you prefer it will call in several planters & have their hire valued. Amy (Randals wife) who I named to you last winter was in bad health, did not work in the crop a day last year. Sarah, under the directions of Dr. Stone had her particularly attended to & from her appearance at this time she will be confined in a month or six weeks which I am in hopes will cause a favorable change in her health. Should you desire to remove them at any time hereafter before the Boys can dispose of them please give me timely notice. I did not make the purchase of negroes I had in view, but may probably buy four or five at the forks of the road. I expect a draft in a few days from Philadelphia for $3500.00 & shall probably not want more from yr house than will purchase my supplies. We are all well exception of colds, and with warm regards to all at home in which I am joined by Sarah. I remain truly yrs Robt. M. Ayres P.S. I checked upon yr house yesterday for $1500. Please let me know the Bal to my Cr in yr next, after paying it. RMA.

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MSS 658 Todd A. Herring Collection, Manuscripts Division, Special Collections, Mississippi State University Libraries.

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MSS 658 Todd A. Herring Collection, Manuscripts Division, Special Collections, Mississippi State University Libraries.


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Letter from Robert M. Ayres, Roseland [Plantation], [near Natchez], to John Watt Esqr, New Orleans