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Cultural Conversations


Smith, Fred--Host; Mississippi State University Television Center, Producer


The host of Cultural Conversations, Fred Smith, discusses the Maxx South John Robinson Block Special Collection Excellence Fund. Smith shares information about the history of the fund, biographical information about John Robinson Block, and provides visual examples of rare and important books purchased for the Mississippi State University Libraries' Special Collections Rare Books Collection through the fund. The books shown are as follows: "I Was a Negro in the South for 30 Days" by Ray Sprigle, a promotional piece titled, "Eudora Welty: A Note on the Author and Her Work" by Kathrine Anne Porter which contains some of Welty's earliest work, an extremely rare privately printed full study of two pieces concerning Richard Wright "A hitherto unpublished manuscript by Richard Wright being a continuation of Black Boy" and "Notes preliminary to a full study of the work of Richard Wright by Constance Webb", a true first edition of "Native Son" by Richard Wright, "My Life and Lectures" by Lamar Fontaine C. E. Ph.D., the only copy of the 1935 publication, "Mississippi Politics: Shall the People Rule or Crooked Politicians" by Lucergious Spinks, poetry and pieces about the Civil War titled, "Selections" by H. N. Berry, a graphic illustration by Cieciorka (Si-Cork-a) titled "The Hand", the last play in the second folio, 1632, "The Tragedy of Cymbeline", by William Shakespear, "Hidden Faces" by Salvador Dali, and a signed copy of "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Conner.


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