Cultural Conversations


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Cultural Conversations


Smith, Fred--Interviewer; McGillan, Jennifer--Interviewee; Mississippi State University Television Center, Producer


Manuscripts Coordinator, Jennifer McGillan, discusses her favorite set of rare and historical Agriculture books, Flora rustica : exhibiting accurate figures of such plants as are either useful or injurious in husbandry / Drawn and engraved by Frederick P. Nodder. With scientific characters, popular descriptions, and useful observations, by Thomas Martyn., a four volume set of books published in the 1790's that offers guides and illustrations on what plants are safe for animal consumption. McGillan describes the set and other similar historical titles as, "Art in service of agricultural science," due to the beautiful illustrations contained within. McGillan and host, Fred Smith, go on to discuss the rare nature of the volumes, their usefulness to farmers at the time, and how over time books of this nature are destroyed by people who remove and sell the illustrations. The volumes discussed are located in Mitchell Memorial Libraries' Special Collections and McGillan invites both the public and classes to set up an appointment to view the volumes or receive instruction.


McGillan, Jennifer; Smith, Fred; Classification--Books--Agriculture; Rare books; Interviews



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