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Survey Executive Summary And Focus Groups, SWOT Analyses and Survey Executive Summary


This report is divided into two sections: Strategic Planning Survey Executive Summary and the Qualitative Data from Focus Groups, SWOT Analyses, and Survey.

The Strategic Planning Survey was developed as a part of the MSU Libraries’ Strategic Planning process which began in the Summer of 2022. The questions for the survey were derived from a variety of existing library surveys and based on common questions from faculty, staff and students. The survey was developed during the fall 2022, released to faculty, staff, and students in January 2023 and remained open until March 2023. The survey's purpose was to gather information from our users about their perception of existing services, collections, and facilities as well as ideas for adding new services and enhancing collections and facilities.

The Qualitative Data from Focus Groups, SWOT Analyses, and Survey section provides a summary from the library Focus Groups, SWOT Analyses and Survey. From October 2022 to March 2023, the Strategic Planning Committee sought feedback from the MSU community and from University Libraries faculty and staff about their perceptions of the current state and future direction of the Libraries. Across all three channels (23 focus groups and a survey with MSU faculty, staff, and students, and SWOT analyses from Libraries faculty and staff) 3622 comments were collected and analyzed. Each comment was sorted into SWOT areas (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) and given at least one of 16 categories. Keywords were assigned to highlight the key points of each comment. The most frequently cited thoughts will be used to provide guidance and direction for our strategic planning efforts.


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