ME 4133/6133 Mechanical Metallurgy



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The material to be explored for the purpose of this project relates to the Aluminum alloys used in the majority of modern engine “heads” and a number of engine “blocks”. The Aluminum used for these engine applications vary slightly across different manufacturers in their processing, structure and ultimate properties, despite their nearly identical performance applications. Part of the interest in this particular subject is the slight variations across manufacturing that result in different performance. Regardless of idiosyncrasies, these Al alloys are expected to perform under varying temperatures, with the ability to elastically deform and return to their original shape. They also must be able to handle high internal stress and vibrations.

The application of this material is straightforward, as the ultimate performance is what drives a top-down analysis of this material. While it is widely used in the automotive industry, it is worth noting that it is primarily used in smaller vehicles. It is more common for large engines with high displacements, especially in trucks, to have engine components made of cast iron material.




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3XX Aluminum Alloys for ICE Implementation

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