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Muller, E.


This color postcard features a large gray naval battleship with three funnels/stacks in the center and cage/lattice masts on each end of the ship. A United States flag is flying near the mast on the stern end of the ship. A flag shield with an eagle perched on top (the U. S. Navy emblem) is in the upper right corner. The title in the upper left reads "U. S. Battleship "Nebraska." The copyright information is in the lower left. The back of the postcard identifies the item as a postcard and provides publisher information as well as indication for address placement. A green one cent postage stamp is placed in the upper right and the card is postmarked Burlington, Iowa Trans Clk, September 23, 1915. The description in the upper left reads "27839--U. S. Battleship Nebraska. Displacement about 17,00 tons; speed, 19 knots; 25,500 H. P. Length, 441 ft; beam, 76 1-6 ft.; draught, 28 ft. Crew of 910 men. Carries four 12 in. guns, eight 8 in guns and 28 smaller guns, with four 21 in. torpedo tubes. Armor belt, 11 ins. amidships; 12--8 ins on turrets; 10--7 ins. on barbettes. Completed, May 1907. Cost, $6,500,000. The card is inscribed and is addressed to Miss Minnie Kinsey in Bloomfield, Iowa.


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