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Mississippi State University


Davis, E. James

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Bradberry, Thomas

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Stonecypher, Wayne

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Wiseman, William

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Dissertation - Open Access


Community College Leadership

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Educational Leadership


The purpose of the study was to provide an assessment of the involvement of Mississippi's community and junior colleges in intercollegiate athletics during the academic year 2007–2008. These data could assist community and junior college presidents, vice presidents residing over athletics, athletic directors, and other policy makers in their decision-making processes concerning intercollegiate athletics. They could compare their institution with other institutions in the state. This study included the entire population of Mississippi's public community and junior colleges that offered intercollegiate athletics. Frequencies and percentages were utilized by the researcher to report the information. Data were collected to provide an overview of intercollegiate athletics at Mississippi's public community and junior colleges. Information included location, student participation, amount of athletically related student aid, teams sponsored, athletic revenues and expenses, and staffing requirements including salaries.