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Byrd, John D., Jr.

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Reynolds, Daniel B.

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Ervin, Gary N.

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Lemus, Rocky W.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Plant and Soil Sciences

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Master of Science


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Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


Cogongrass management generally requires multiple herbicide applications, however, success is limited if not integrated with other methods. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the use of cover cropping systems with herbicides on cogongrass control. Field studies determined that sequential glyphosate applications in the summer were necessary to achieve 80% or greater control, but a single application could be effective if weather conditions allowed early planting and good cover crop establishment of Roundup Ready soybeans. Studies also indicated that the use of ALS-resistant Italian ryegrass and white clover crop combinations showed no effect, but imazapyr applications made in May or June provided 80% or higher control by October. Greenhouse experiments showed that delayed planting at least 1 month after imazapyr preemergence applications from 70 to 280 g ae ha-1, significantly reduced emergence failure, height and biomass reductions of legumes used for revegetation.