Composting of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Sawdust


Borazjani, Abdolhamid

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Stokes, C. Elizabeth

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Lim, Hyungsuk

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Sustainable Bioproducts

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Master of Science


Department of Sustainable Bioproducts


A three-month study evaluated composting of cross laminated timber (CLT) sawdust amended with 10% and 20% chicken litter. Moisture was provided by rainwater or deionized water depending on the precipitation. The contents in the containers were mixed once or twice a week for aeration. Samples were collected at 0, 45, and 90-day intervals to measure weight loss, moisture content, pH, compost maturity, microbial count, and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. Results indicated that composted CLT with 20% chicken litter had much higher weight reduction than others at day 45 and 90. Treatments with 10% and 20% chicken litter had a higher initial pH than controls and showed a slow increase near to neutral 7 by day 90. The germination rate of radish seeds to measure the compost maturity showed that composted CLT with 20% chicken litter had significantly higher germination rate than the others at days 45 and 90. A greenhouse study of composted material showed also that the 20% treatment could be used as soil amendment due to its excellent C/N ratio but appears to be unsuitable for container media. Longer composting time is suggested for CLT sawdust to be cured and used for potting media.



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