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Mississippi State University


Bridges, David H.

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Koenig, Keith

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Taylor, Lafayette K.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Aerospace Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Aerospace Engineering


Difficulties exist with designing and testing on a model scale. The purpose of this study is to examine variations in the flow field of a submarine due to hull/propulsor interaction and Reynolds scaling. The scope of this study includes the simulation of the flow past a 1) five-bladed marine propeller with 0° skew, 2) unappended submarine hull, 3) forward propelled submarine with asymmetrical stern appendages, and 4) submarine in crashback with asymmetrical stern appendages. The bare hull simulations are conducted for three different length scales: small model scale, large model scale, and full scale. The isolated propeller and appended submarine simulations are conducted on the large model scale. It is of interest how sensitive the various flow characteristics are to Reynolds number and the turbulence model. All simulations are at 0° angle of attack, and validated with experimental data where available.