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Mississippi State University


Chamra, Louay M.

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Hodge, B. Keith

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Adebiyi, George A.

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James, Carl A.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Three existing condensation heat transfer models are validated using 544 experimental data points for pure refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures. The Cavallini et al. (1999) model predicts well with the pure-refrigerant data sets. However, the Cavallini et al. (1999) model fails to predict the refrigerant-mixture data sets. The Yu and Koyama (1998) model, which is applicable for the pure refrigerants only, fails to predict most of the R22 data sets. The Kedzierski and Goncalves (1999) model, which is applicable for both pure refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures, yields relatively high mean absolute deviations for most of the pure-refrigerant data sets. The Kedzierski and Goncalves (1999) model does not account for the mass transfer thermal resistance in refrigerant mixtures. A new pure-refrigerant model and a new refrigerant-mixture semi-empirical model have been developed. Both the new models successfully predict the experimental data for pure refrigerant and for refrigerant mixtures.