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YunMo Sung

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Mississippi State University


Casady, Jeff B.

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Mazzola, Michael

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Kim, Seong-Gon

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Choe, Song-Yul

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Dissertation - Open Access


Electrical Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Recently, the need for high power, high frequency devices continues to grow with the increase in wireless communication, radar systems, HDTV, digital communication, and other military application of the RF spectrum. Traditionally when higher power is needed, one needs to either combine the output power of multiple devices or use vacuum tubes, which are still uncontested at very high power levels, capable of up to a few hundred kilowatts at 5 GHz [11]. But wide band gap semiconductor devices capable of competing in this application. Moreover, the static induction transistor (SIT) in silicon carbide can provide very high total power at microwave frequency. This is due to the vertical structure of the SIT which consists of a vertical channel that is defined by a mesa with gate electrodes of the Schottky type to control the current between a top side source contact and a drain contact on the backside of the wafer. This thesis demonstrates that through careful modeling by means of simulations and inclusion of all significant device physics, good agreement is reached between theoretical prediction and simulation results. It is shown in particular that by careful choice of the device critical parameters, such as mesa width, gate length, and contact resistance, SIT should be able to obtain cut-off frequency up to 42 GHz and shown temperature simulation results of SIT.