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Agnes Burris

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Mississippi State University


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Dunnell, C. Robert

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


There is a universally recognized need for a more refined chronological understanding of the Early Holocene in the Southeast. The Paleoindian/Early Archaic period deposits at the Hester site provide an opportunity to refine the local chronology for northeast Mississippi. Three-dimensional spatial analysis of these deposits revealed the presence of at least four distinct occupations. Attribute-level morphological analysis of projectile points excavated from these occupations indicated that base width, shoulder width, and basal indentation ratio, changed significantly through time. A paradigmatic classification system employing these attributes was used to classify the projectile points from Hester. These classes were successfully seriated indicating that they are true historical classes. The range of historical classes indicates that this alternative to the traditional point typology may provide greater chronological precision for the Early Holocene in northeast Mississippi.