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Mississippi State University


Schultz, B. Emily

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Matney, G. Thomas

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Evans, L. David

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Grebner, L. Donald

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science


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Department of Forestry


The forest products industry is a major component of the economic base for many states in the southeastern United States. Forest inventories that are precise within a 50- to 80-mile mill working circle and the availability of decision support tools for locating mills are of primary importance in attracting and sustaining the industry. This research focuses on the current status of the State of Mississippi's efforts to provide forest inventory information to attract forest industry and balance potentially increased utilization due to new markets with resource sustainability. A pilot study is described that integrates a decision support system (DSS) in a 40-mile radius working circle with a geo-spatially based county-level forest inventory and a transportation network to determine the feasibility and optimal location of a case study Oriented Strand Board (OSB) mill. A linear programming (LP) model was constructed to minimize the cost of procuring and transporting wood to the case study OSB mill site. Net revenue (NR) was calculated to assess financial feasibility of placing the mill at the selected location.