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Mississippi State University


Schmitz, Darrel

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Dewey, Chris

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Clary, Renee

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Petroleum spills cost large sums of money to remediate, which has resulted in the use of more in-situ technologies, including chemical oxidation, as cost effective alternatives to traditional methods of remediation. There are numerous case studies documenting the success of hydrogen peroxide as an in-situ oxidizer in that regulated BTEX concentrations were lowered below target cleanup levels. Little information is available; however, regarding the behavior of petroleum hydrocarbons post injection of hydrogen peroxide or what chemical derivatives may be produced as a result of the oxidation process. Laboratory protocols have been employed to yield data regarding the behavior of BTEX specifically, and all volatile gasoline constituents in general, over a period of time post injection of hydrogen peroxide. The results of the data indicate variations in petroleum compound behavior are predicated on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the degree of contamination, and the presence of a soil matrix.