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Mississippi State University


Ekşioğlu, Burak

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Ekşioğlu, Sandra D.

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Dalton, Larry

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


This research has been conducted at Hunter Engineering Company. It aims to Design a Kit Packing Weighing System which performs a Quality Assessment of tool-kits while packing them on weighing scales. The main aspects of Kit-Packing are documented and suitable terminologies to address the process are established. The kits are categorized and a process for packing kits of different categories is suggested. A system to weigh Heavy, Medium and Light kits is presented. A Monte-Carlo Simulation Tool is developed and an Analysis using the Risk Solver Software is conducted to select the preferable method of establishing Tolerance Limits. A design for a Visual Basic coded Interface is outlined that will guide the Operator through the kit packing process and indicate whether to Accept or Inspect the kit. A Windows application of the Software was prototyped to demonstrate the System’s functionality which also is documented herein.