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Sining Wu

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Mississippi State University


Adams-Price, Carolyn E.

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Sinclair, H. Colleen

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Winer, Eric Samuel

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Hood, Kristina B.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


The present study examined whether an individual’s own implicit theory of relationships predicts how s/he perceives his/her friend’s romantic relationship. Implicit theories of relationships are based on destiny beliefs (DB), the belief that a relationship is meant to be, and growth beliefs (GB), the belief that relationships require work. Each participant was randomly exposed to one of three relationship scenarios where the participant’s hypothetical friend discusses a partner displaying negative, mixed, or positive relationship behaviors. We found the participants high in DB were less approving of the relationship, and those high in GB were more approving. Those high in DB also made more relationship-damaging attributions when asked to select reasons why the partner engaged in said behaviors but surprisingly perceived the couple as more satisfied overall. Anticipated interactions between DB and GB were not found.