Ferguson, Jason Connor

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Irby, Jon Trenton

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Gore, Jeffrey

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Zurweller, Brendan

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Studies were conducted in small-plot and onarm environments in Mississippi in 2018 and 2019 to determine the effect of prohexadione calcium growth regulator on the growth and yield of peanut [Arachis hypogaea (L.)]. Onarm trials conducted in 2018 and 2019 concluded that in situations where the application of prohexadione calcium increased yield, variation in application rate had no effect on yield. Yields of peanut where any rate of prohexadione calcium was applied were 415 kg ha-1 greater than yields of peanut where prohexadione calcium were not applied. The addition of other agrichemicals had no effect on the efficacy of prohexadione calcium. Small-plot research in 2019 concluded that no rate variation had any effect on the growth or yield of peanut, and also concluded that alternative application timing methods had no effect on yield or growth of peanut.