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Lu Qiu

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Mississippi State University


Srinivasan, Kalyan K.

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Krishnan, Sundar R.

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Luck, Rogelio

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Various sub models of a multi-zone phenomenological model are developed by incorporating Dec’s conceptual model and Siebers’ mixing limited theory and validated with experiments. The spray penetration model, liquid length model and lift-off length model are verified with experiment data. The ignition delay model is then validated with experiment data at different injection timings and loads. The air entrainment model is based on Siebers’ jet theory. Sub models for the premixed heat release rate and diffusion burn rate are also included. The overall phenomenological model is at first used to match the motoring pressure curve. The important sub models are well validated independently and the phenomenological model is useful in simulating diesel spray combustion. Future work is needed to integrate these sub models and to resolve existing issues in temperature profiles of the preparing zone and liquid zone.