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Minerick, Adrienne

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Elmore, Bill

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Bricka, Mark

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Burgess, Shane

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


This research investigates the role of ABO blood type of erythrocytes in their dielectrophoretic response. The dielectrophoresis of erythrocytes of positive ABO blood types was studied at 5 V (peak to peak) and 1 MHz frequency AC field. The study revealed that the ABO blood type had an influence on the dielectrophoretic motion of the erythrocytes, particularly separating AB+ and O+ blood types. This is of particular significance since AB+ is a universal acceptor and O+ is a universal donor for blood transfusion purposes. The influence of field parameters, namely field strength and frequency of the AC field, was also studied for erythrocytes of positive ABO blood types. This research revealed that erythrocytes of each blood type respond differently at various frequencies and field strengths.

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