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Amburgey, Terry L.

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Henderson, Gregg

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Donohoe, J. Patrick

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Shelton, Thomas Guy

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Dissertation - Open Access


This dissertation defines electromagnetic properties that are responsible for directing subterranean termite foraging behavior. Research identified specific frequencies and intensities that can attract Coptotermes formosanus Shiraiki and Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar) to the site where the electrical fields are generated and defined on repellant freuency and intensity for C. formosanus. US Patent Docket Number 2343-215 PCT and MSU disclosure 05-0606-163 were filed based on the results. Data showed that frequencies and intensities were different for attracting the two species. Future work will address new alternatives for addressing termite infestations that will reduce and change the amounts and use of current termiticides.