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Mississippi State University


Thornton, Mitchell A.

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Reese, Robert B.

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Little, R. Rainey

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


All discrete function representations become exponential in size in the worst case. Binary decision diagrams have become a common method of representing discrete functions in computer-aided design applications. For many functions, binary decision diagrams do provide compact representations. This work presents a way to represent large decision diagrams as multiple smaller partial binary decision diagrams. In the Boolean domain, each truth table entry consisting of a Boolean value only provides local information about a function at that point in the Boolean space. Partial binary decision diagrams thus result in the loss of information for a portion of the Boolean space. If the function were represented in the spectral domain however, each integer-valued coefficient would contain some global information about the function. This work also explores spectral representations of discrete functions, including the implementation of a method for transforming circuits from netlist representations directly into spectral decision diagrams.