Don't Worry ; It's Only a White Lie


Annie Trinh


Kardos, Michael P.

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Hagenston, Becky

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Pierce, Catherine

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


My thesis will be a collection of short stories about Asian and Asian-American families and the expectations of their children that leads them to certain decisions and actions. The majority of the stories will be focused on Vietnamese-American families, but I will explore the family dynamics within the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese families as well. Through this short story collection, I hope to dramatize the internal conflicts of children of Asian and Asian-American families as they question their identities and aspirations and as they struggle to preserving culture while simultaneously creating their own individual cultures and redefining what it means to be Asian or Asian-American. For my critical introduction, I will examine the immigrant literature of Junot Diaz. Particularly influential to my own writing are Diaz’s focuses on familial relationships, his experiments with point of view, and his use of a native family language (in his case, Spanish) alongside English.



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