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Jared Cole

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Mississippi State University


Counterman, Brian A.

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Hoffmann, Federico G.

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Brown, Matthew W.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Identifying the forces responsible for driving genomic divergence during speciation is a major goal of research in evolutionary biology. Thus, many efforts have focused on disentangling these forces by modeling the evolutionary histories of interacting populations. Here, population genomic datasets and a diffusion approximation method is used to model the demographic scenarios that influence divergence between Heliconius erato and the incipient species Heliconius himera. The models support an isolation-with-migration scenario, with relatively low and heterogeneous rates of introgression between H. himera and H. erato cyrbia. Additionally, the models suggest a history of selection driving divergence and introgression patterns among H. himera and H. erato. Collectively, these results support H. himera’s status as an incipient species within the H. erato radiation and highlight the interplay of selection and demographic history in shaping heterogeneous patterns of genomic divergence between hybridizing species.