Vasile Cerven


Jeliazkov (Zheljazkov), D. Valtcho

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Rowe, E. Dennis

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Matta, B. Frank

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Ebelhar, M. Wayne

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Peppermint dry weight biomass was higher in Verona (8119 kg/ha) than in Stoneville (6115 kg/ha). Overall both, oil content and yield were higher in bud formation stage than flowering stage. The levels of major essential oil constitutes were (-)-menthol 26 – 30 %, (-)-menthone 14 – 21 %, (+)-menthofuran 5 – 11 %, and eucalyptol 3 – 4 % of total essential oil content at flowering stage. Menthone content and its yield were higher at first cut; however, (+)-menthofuran content and its yield were higher at the second cut at bud formation. Although N fertilizers at rate 80 kg/ha did not affect essential oil content and yield at cut 1, N rate at 80 + 80 kg/ha increased oil yield at cut 2.