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Dinh, Thu

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Current industry practices promote therapeutic use of pulsatile stimulation plates to increase muscle mass, strengthen bone density, reduce stress, and improve overall athletic performance of horses. The first objective of this study was to investigate the effect of vibration stimulation on muscle thickness of the extensor carpi radialis, extensor digitorum longus, gluteus medius, longissimus lumborum, semitendinosus, supraspinatus, and longissimus thoracis, as well as circumference and cross-sectional area of the extensor carpi radialis and extensor digitorum longus. The second objective was to evaluate changes in nutrient foramen thickness, circumference, and area, as well as dorsal cortical thickness of the left third metacarpal in response to vibration stimulation exposure over 56 d. Increases in thickness of the topline muscles and improvement of nutrient foramen parameters of treatment horses give evidence to conclude that vibration stimulation may be a viable therapeutic treatment for stock-type horses on stall rest.