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Mississippi State University


Smith, JohnEric William

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McAllister, Matthew

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Holmes, E. Megan

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


This study was designed to investigate carbohydrate supplementation during cheerleading training and its effect on performance. Seventeen participants in four trials; one to gather anthropometric data and 1-repetition maximums, one familiarization trial, a carbohydrate trial, and a placebo trial. The exercises used were power snatches from a hang position, push jerks, front squats, and box squats. The exercises most mimicked a standard strength and conditioning practice for cheerleaders. Performance was measured by calculating the difference between pre- and post-training values in vertical jump repetitions, peak power, average power, peak velocity, and average velocity in a power snatch, and a 200-m shuttle sprint. Performance values for carbohydrate and placebo trials were analyzed using a paired sample t-test, which found no significant difference between the carbohydrate and placebo trials.