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Wamsley, Kelley

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Zhai, Wei

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access




The total removal of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) from poultry feed is underway in the United States. Feed additive strategies will be utilized to maintain the efficient growth, health, and economic value found with current commercial broiler production. Experiment 1 investigated the effects of feeding an encapsulated butyric acid and zinc product (EBAZ) at 3 inclusions on d 0- 49 Ross x Ross 708 male and female broiler performance, blood chemistry, and cecal short-chain fatty acid content. These data suggest that EBAZ can be safely included at 0.5 g/kg and at 2.5 g/kg into diets for Ross x Ross 708 male and female broilers. The objective of the second experiment was to examine the efficacy of 2 commercially available carbohydrases in commercial diets on d 0-57 male broiler performance and processing. The resulting data demonstrates that the inclusion of xylanase (CE2) improved broiler performance thus, increased potential gross profits.