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Mississippi State University


Gabitov, Rinat I.

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Skarke, Adam

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Kirkland, Brenda L.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Geosciences


Mg/Ca and d18O derived from marine biogenic carbonates have been widely used as reliable paleoenvironmental proxy for seawater temperature, salinity and water mass circulation reconstructions. The use of Mg/Ca is based on long residence time in seawater and uniform distribution with habitat depth of planktonic foraminifera. Fluid Mg/Ca affects mineralogy of CaCO3, thus high seawater Mg/Ca favors precipitation of aragonite instead of calcite. The records of d18O in carbonates yield strong correlation with seawater temperature, salinity and d18O. Distribution of d18O in water is highly heterogeneous within longitude, latitude and depth. Therefore a combination of foraminieral d18O and Mg/Ca could resolve temperature, d118Owater, and hence salinity, which is linked to variability in fresh water balance and glacial ice volume throughout geologic history. In this work we study the effects of important seawater/fluid parameters on Mg/Ca in inorganic and d18O in natural samples and provide data for improving paleoceanographic reconstructions.