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Rude, Brian J.

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Lemley, Caleb O.

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Liao, Shengfa

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Agriculture (Animal Science)

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Master of Science


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Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences


For this study 14 lambs were obtained, which were split into two groups; a control group (CON) and a group that was supplemented Reed Sedge Peat (RSP). We wanted to test whether RSP could decrease stress at weaning, increase immune response and also increase digestibility of the animal. Lambs were subjected to an ACTH challenge 48 hours post weaning. After weaning (d 28 of study) 10 of the lambs (5 CON; 5 RSP) also underwent a digestibility challenge. We found that there was no difference (P = 0.8764) within cortisol concentration during the weaning portion of the study between the two treatment groups. During the ACTH challenger there was a difference between RSP group and CON, where RSP had a decrease in cortisol concentration (P = 0.0892). There was no difference in blood cell parameters, except for SEG, % (P = 0.0890) where RSP had greater % of SEG than CON group. Within the digestibility trail there was a decrease in digestibility within the RSP group compared to CON, within DM, OM, NDF and ADF (P = 0.0458; P = 0.0430; P = 0.0509; P = 0.0786; respectively).