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Zhongqiu Ma

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Mississippi State University


Fan, Zhaofei

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Dey, Daniel

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Roberts, Scott

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


In this research, the fire effects on structural and compositional change, and advance regeneration of oak forests in the Ozarks of Missouri were investigated by combining the statistic methods of MANONA, survival analysis, CART analysis, and logistic analysis. Results indicated that fire treatments significantly reduced the midsotry and understory basal area and stem density. However, fire effects on overstory tree survival differentiated among size classes. A new morphological variable, ratio of the total height to the square of basal diameter, was found to be statistically significantly related to the tree mortality rate for most of the species. The developed logistic regression models for selected species using the morphological variable well simulated the impact of initial stem size of advance regeneration on mortality for most of the species. The resultant logistic regression models could be a potential tool to compare and quantify species response to fires on a comparable basis.