Williams, J. Byron

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Martin, M. James

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Coggins, C. Patti

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Schilling, Wes

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Sodium lactate and acetic acid derivatives were evaluated for their effects on color retention, microbial growth (TPC), oxidation (TBARS), and sensory attributes of hot-boned pork sausage patties that were stored under retail store display conditions over time. Treatments included: (a) 2.5% sodium lactate 60% solids (L), (b) 2.5% buffered vinegar pH 6.5-8.0 (V), (c) 2.5% sodium lactate and vinegar 52/48% mixture (LV), (d) control with 0.02% BHA/BHT (C), and (e) negative control without additives (NC). Overall acceptability of day 17 LV and L treatments were not different (P>0.05) from day 14 treatments. These results revealed that the L and LV sausage patties retained sensory acceptability and microbial quality from day 14 through day 17 as opposed to other treatments. Additionally, sausage patties with 2.5% LV maintained color (redness) and overall acceptability throughout 17 days of shelf-life when held in retail conditions, when compared to other treatments.