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Mississippi State University


Wax, Benjamin, Jr.

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Vickers, John Bradley

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Gilliland, Katherine J.

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Kavazis, Andreas N.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Exercise Physiology

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Master of Science (M.S.)


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Department of Kinesiology


Ergogenic L-citrulline and malate are amino acids used in specific combination to effect muscular endurance during athletic performances. Purpose: The study aimed to investigate the ergogenic properties of citrulline-malate (CM) during a resistance training protocol. Methods: Utilizing a randomized, counterbalanced, double blind study, fifteen trained males completed a resistance training protocol once using placebo (PL) and once with CM (8.0g). Results: CM supplementation increased repetitions in chin-ups, reverse chin-ups, push-ups, and total trial repetitions. Blood lactate was significantly increased post-exercise compared to pre-exercise, but was not significantly different between CM and placebo. Further, a significant interaction effect was revealed for systolic blood pressure, a significant condition effect for diastolic blood pressure, and a significant time effect for HR. Post-hoc analysis revealed that SBP responses were more elevated in the placebo condition during recovery. Conclusion: Collectively, these novel findings suggest CM increases muscular endurance during upper body resistance exercise.