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Mississippi State University


Miranda, Leandro E.

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Schramm, Harold L., Jr.

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Neal, Jason Wesley

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Pugh, Larry L.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Crappie fisheries in northwest Mississippi flood control reservoirs are valued from social and economic standpoints. To mitigate variable recruitment rates of these recreationally valuable species, I sought to gain a better understanding of the population dynamics of these fish during their first year of life. My analyses indicate that embayment habitats in the study reservoirs display a longitudinal distribution gradient of both habitat composition and age-0 crappie abundance during late summer. Additionally, age-0 crappies inhabiting uplake floodplain areas grow to a larger size than downlake embayment-inhabiting conspecifics. The results from this study provide direction on potential management strategies to promote annual recruitment of age-0 crappies in these reservoirs.