White, Thomas D.

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Gullett, Philip M.

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Moser, Robert D.

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Woodson, Stanley

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


This research developed the quasi-static and dynamic equipment and protocols for tests of both Very-High-Strength Concrete (VHSC) and High-Strength High-Ductility Concrete (HSHDC) to predict blast performance. VHSC was developed for high compressive strength (> 200 MPa). Using VHSC as the baseline material, HSHDC was developed and exhibits comparable compressive strength (> 150 MPa) and high tensile ductility (> 3% tensile strain). This research investigated quasi-static material properties including compression, tension, and flexure (third-point and pressure loadings). Additionally, dynamic blast load simulator (shock tube) tests were performed on simply-supported one-way panels in flexure. Subsequently, the material response in flexure was predicted using the Wall Analysis Code (WAC). Although VHSC has a higher peak flexural strength capacity, HSHDC exhibits higher ductility through multiple parallel micro-cracks transverse to loading. The equipment and test protocols proved to be successful in providing ways to test scaled concrete specimens quasi-statically and dynamically.