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Mississippi State University


Sherman-Morris, Kathleen

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Poe, Phillip

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Mercer, Andrew E.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


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Master of Science


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Repeated exposure to tornado events in “Dixie Alley” over the years with often fatal outcomes has led to vibrant discussion in the weather enterprise. Two areas of focus for research are socio-economic factors which increase vulnerability for individuals, and the communication channels used by individuals during tornado events. Understanding what individuals know and how their background and experiences play a role in weather knowledge can help communicators reach at-risk groups more effectively and efficiently not only in the moments that matter, but also when education can play a role in the weeks and months before a potential tornado event. Through a comprehensive survey, socio-economic factors were analyzed with public perception and tornado alert knowledge. Individuals in Mississippi and Alabama have a firm grasp in tornado knowledge and can perceive vulnerability based on several factors.