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Mississippi State University


Rude, Brian J.

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Ward, Stephanie H.

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Rivera, J. Daniel

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


The objectives of this study were to evaluate nutrient digestibility and CP retention of steers fed ryegrass baleage supplemented with hay or soybean hull pellets. Crossbred steers (n=12, BW 247 plus or minus 20.8 kg) were halter broken, and placed into individual metabolism crates for a total of 10 days. All 12 steers had ad libitum access to ryegrass baleage and were allotted to 3 supplements 1) no supplement; 2) soybean hull pellets; 3) hay, with 4 steers per treatment group. Supplements were fed at 0.25% of steer body weight. Sample collections were for 7 days following a 3 day adaptation to crates. Results collected indicated there was no effect of supplementing a fiber source to cattle consuming ryegrass baleage on nutrient digestibility or CP retention. This may be attributed to maturity of ryegrass at harvest.