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Ebelhar, M. Wayne

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


Two studies were conducted from 2017 – 2019 at Stoneville, MS the first was to determine optimum seeding rates on single and twin row configuration during both late and early planting dates. The second study was to compare two row configurations with two planting populations (whole plot) but add management strategies (subplots) within each whole plot. From this data, yield optimization could be reached within each system that likely encompasses everything a producer in the Mississippi Delta could encounter during a growing season. Soybean seed from this data was analyzed for protein, oil, and fatty acid composition to determine which systems produce greater seed quality in terms of seed composition. Normal (non-symptomatic) and seed visually infected with purple seed stain (PSS) were compared to determine how infected soybean seed compared to normal soybean seed. Both seed (infected and non-symptomatic) were compared by measuring seed composition, germination, and vigor. During 2018 and 2019 at Verona, MS the same whole plot with subplot test was used but at this location under rained conditions. Soybean grown under rained conditions is a common practice in that particular region of the state (Northeast) so treatments were designed to be useful to producers in that area.



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