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This study examined relationships between simulated logging disturbances and growth and spread rates of roadside cogongrass patches into adjacent forest stands. Effects of varying levels of imazapyr and surfactant were evaluated to assess cogongrass control. Determination of the optimal cogongrass treatment regime along with the monetary impacts of cogongrass on Land Expectation Values (LEV) are analyzed and discussed. Growth and spread rates of roadside cogongrass plots one growing season after simulated logging disturbance were significantly higher than undisturbed control plots. Rhizome biomass and level of disturbance were primary causal factors. Arsenal AC at 3.5 oz, Accord Concentrate at 14.7 oz, and 11.8 oz of surfactant applied in a volume of 35 gallons per acre provided higher levels of cogongrass control (76%) two years after treatment. The monetary cost of cogongrass was $69 per acre in after tax LEV with assumption of no decreases in seedling mortality or growth and yield.