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Mississippi State University


McLaughlin, Ron

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Langston, Cory

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Cooper, C. Robert

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


The objective of this study was to determine elution properties of meropenem and compare the elutions of meropenem impregnated PMMA beads without sterilization (PMMA-Cont) to those sterilized with steam (PMMA-Auto) and ethylene oxide gas (PMMA-EO). Four groups of beads were produced: one group without antibiotic and three groups of meropenem impregnated beads: PMMA-Cont, PMMA-Auto, and PMMA-EO. Antibiotic concentrations in eluent samples were determined using a microbiological assay at different time intervals. The microbiological assay resulted in no zone of inhibition at all time periods for the PMMA-Auto samples and the samples of PMMA without antimicrobial. The meropenem concentration on the eluent remained above 4 mcg/ml for 15 days in the PMMA-Cont group and until day 18 for PMMA-EO group. The meropenem incorporated in the PMMA beads elutes effectively and gradually decreases after the 24 hour peak. Ethylene oxide does not adversely affect meropenem’s elution.