Joe O Buntyn


Rivera, J. Daniel

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Schmidt, Ty B.

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Carroll, Jeffrey A.

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Smith, Trent

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Nineteen heifers (274 ± 24 kg) were blocked into two treatment groups based upon DNAm; heifers with no DNAm (noQG), and heifers with one or more DNAm (1+QG). Prior to challenge (24 h), heifers were fitted with indwelling jugular catheters and indwelling vaginal temperature (VT) monitoring devices. Blood samples were collected at 30-min intervals while RT were collected at 1-min intervals from -2 to 8 h relative to a lipopolysaccride (LPS) challenge (0.5 ìg/kg BW) at 0 h. Serum was analyzed for concentrations of cortisol and pro-inflammatory cytokines. All physical, endocrine, and immune measurements increased relative to LPS challenge. No differences observed for IL-6 or TNF-á; however, 1+QG heifers had a greater circulating INF-ã (P < 0.001). Furthermore, 1+QG heifers had an elevated VT (P = 0.04). This would suggest a different immune system approach to an LPS challenge.