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Mississippi State University


Silva, Juan L.

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Kim, Taejo

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Schilling, M Wes

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp) infection is commonly caused by the consumption of raw or undercooked shellfish. Raw oysters are associated with most Vp outbreaks. Pathogenic Vp express thermostable-direct hemolysin (tdh) and to some extent thermostable-related hemolysin (trh). Additionally, some pathogenic Vp express urease (uh). The objectives of this work were to discern any relationships between urease (uh) expression, tdh/trh expression, and hemolytic activity in pathogenic and non-pathogenic clinical strains, and to compare urease, motility, tdh/trh expression, and hemolytic activity in raw oyster isolates. This information would determine if urease could be used as a biomarker to detect pathogenic Vp. About 80% of pathogenic strains were uh+ and all non-pathogenic strains were uh-. Two oyster samples were uh+ and no tdh or trh was detected in raw oyster strains.