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Eakin, Deborah K.

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Bradshaw, Gary L.

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Moss, Jarrod

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Applied Psychology

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Master of Science (M.S.)


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Metamemory is “knowing about knowing” (Flavell, 1971) and is theorized as a cognitive process that monitors and controls the memory system (Flavell & Wellman, 1975; Nelson & Narens, 1990). The predominate finding in the metamemory and aging literature is that metamemory is unimpaired by aging, even when memory is impaired by aging (Eakin & Hertzog, 2006; 2012; Connor, Hertzog, & Dunlosky, 1997; Hertzog, Sinclair, & Dunlosky, 2010; Eakin, Hertzog, & Harris, 2014, but see Souchay, Moulin, Clarys, Taconnat, & Isingrini, 2007). However, a study examining metamemory for emotional words suggests older adults may show metamemory impairment when predicting memory for emotional words (Tauber & Dunlosky, 2012). This finding challenges the supposition that metamemory is unimpaired with aging. The purpose of the current study was to expand on the results from Tauber and Dunlosky (2012) to determine whether their findings were due to methodological issues rather than age-related deficits in metamemory.