Experimental Development of Paleoproxies : Investigation into Anaerobic Conditions and the Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Precursor for Carbonate Minerals


Gabitov, Rinat I.

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Clary, Renee M.

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Dash, Padmanava

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Schmitz, Darrel

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Carbonate geochemistry plays an important role in understanding environmental conditions during the time of precipitation. The studies for this dissertation research were focused on carbonate precipitation and crystallization in different chemical and physical environments. The first project aimed to precipitate aragonite at low oxygen levels to identify a correlation between partitioning of trace elements and anoxic and suboxic conditions. The second study focused on the precipitation of amorphous calcium carbonate in varying magnesium concentrations to determine the identity of crystalline material after transformation of ACC. Lastly, the third project was developed to understand transformation of CaCO3 polymorphs. Specifically, whether or not geochemistry is retained from one polymorph to the next. All projects could aid in development of paleoproxies to be used for determining past environmental and climatic conditions in the past.



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